Lewis Hamilton: "I will do everything to win the 8th world title"

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Lewis Hamilton: "I will do everything to win the 8th world title"

In an exclusive interview for the Italian magazine SportWeek, the British driver Lewis Hamilton talked about the upcoming F1 season. The Mercedes champion, the most successful driver in F1 history, also talked about the social commitment to the rights of people, animals and environmental awareness.

He said: "The eighth world title would be something huge, I can't even say the number, but that's what I'm focusing all my efforts on. We have a tough season ahead of us, Red Bull has proven to be really strong in last races of 2020 and we had our engines at full speed.

It is getting harder, when you are approaching the top it is possible to make progress, but when you are already in the lead the progress is always smaller, and the steps forward are followed by steps back . Being able to continually improve is a great feat.

I liked Ayrton Senna for his victories and for the way he faced a system that was not always benevolent against him, something that I have also experienced in my career, albeit for different reasons."

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12 years ago, in 2008, Lewis Hamilton was directly awarded the honor of Member of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth for becoming the youngest world champion in Formula One history at 24.

"I think it's impossible to understand how special this occasion is until you stand in front of the Queen," was her comment. Now Lewis Hamilton will be named baronet in this Thursday's New Year Honors. The 7-time world champion was included among the overseas characters, that is, those figures who have rendered an exceptional service to the United Kingdom abroad and internationally.

Previously this honor had been awarded to 3 other British pilots: Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart. Toto Wolff said: "Lewis is one of the greatest drivers ever and one of the most successful Britons of his generation.

His sporting achievements are known all over the world but this year, alongside the his excellence on the track, he also represented a powerful voice in the fight against all kinds of discrimination. In short, in this 2020 he was an inspiration in every sense.

The news that he will be awarded the title of baronet is the right recognition for a career without track record in motorsport. The UK can be proud to have a champion and ambassador of the caliber of Sir Lewis Hamilton."

Through his Instagram account, the Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton chooses the 10 moments of 2020. Hamilton has chosen ten photos that portray him in special moments for him in 2020. He campaigned on the fight against racism and his adhesion to the Black Lives Matter movement in June, after the killing of George Floyd in the United States by an agent of the police.

A way to remember how much this commitment has never failed for Lewis. Then there is obviously room for F1 with the comparison with Michael Schumacher. The year that is ending is that of overtaking the German in the number of victories, setting a new record at 95, and of the engagement in the number of world titles, with seven centers.

The collection of photos of the Englishman takes moments of reflection at sea on the surfboard or intent on enjoying a few moments of freedom with the inseparable bulldog Roscoe. Without forgetting the help to Australia and its kangaroos, hit hard by the fires at the beginning of 2020.

But in a year in which physical contact has failed, the most intense image remains that of the hug to his father Anthony, with whom old disagreements are just bad memories.