Lewis Hamilton explained why he joined Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton explained why he joined Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton explained the most important decision of his career when he decided to move to Mercedes in 2013 and says that it was important for him to be a part of something to which he can also contribute. After losing the title in the first F1 season of 2007, Hamilton won the 2008 title in just one point in a duel with Massa, also by one point, and although McLaren had a car capable of winning in 2010, 2011, and 2012, Red Bull was too strong and won all the titles from 2010 to the end of 2013.

A victim of the dominance of Vettel and Red Bull was also Alonso, who drove for Ferrari during that period and finished three times as runner-up, and Hamilton decided to sign for Mercedes after a disappointing weekend in Singapore in 2012, a race in which he gave up the lead.

Mercedes had only one win at the time since returning to F1 in 2010 as a factory team thanks to Rosberg’s triumph at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix, but when new rules for powertrains were introduced in 2014, Mercedes won all driving and design titles.

“I’ve been with McLaren since I was 13 and they were my family, I was very safe and very well taken care of with them,” Hamilton said in an interview with one of Mercedes ’sponsors, Crowdstrike. "But even though McLaren had an astonishing history, multiple championships, and successes, I felt I wasn't necessarily helping build something."

"They were already a great team and they have already experienced all that success. They had the biggest trophy treasury and I wanted to go somewhere where I could help and be an important part of building something.

” “When I joined this team, they didn’t have a lot of trophies. They were on the rise, growing and building. People were coming. And I wanted to go somewhere and see if I could use everything I had learned all those years working with McLaren, apply what I had learned from a team that wasn't so successful as to be successful.

Bad times

Hamilton had just one win in the first season with Mercedes in Hungary, with Rosberg’s two wins in Monaco and Silverstone, and the team finished second in the constructors ’standings behind the untouchable Red Bull but ahead of Ferrari, Lotus and McLaren.

"There must have been moments when I thought, 'Jesus, I don't know when I'm going to win again.' I really had to analyze a lot" "But Senna used to say 'if you don't go for free space, you're no longer a racing driver.'

I think if you don't take risks in life, then you stand in place. ” “I could have stayed at McLaren. When I look at it now, if I had stayed I would not have won any more titles. I would still only be a champion once after 14 years.

” “Things happen for a reason. I am very, very grateful that I took that step, that I decided to go into the unknown. ” "And thank you to people like Niki and Ross and Mercedes for truly believing in me."