Domenicali: “What I can say is that we are in talks with some manufacturers."

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Domenicali: “What I can say is that we are in talks with some manufacturers."

Stefano Domenicali took over as Formula 1 CEO from Chase Carey earlier this year and is already working hard. Unfortunately, one of his first tasks is the realization of another season that will not pass without the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, so Domenicali and his associates had to confirm the first changes in the planned race calendar during January.

However, in addition to the desire to make the upcoming season as successful as possible and with as few delays as possible, the former head of Ferrari's F1 team must also take care of the somewhat distant future of the World Cup.

What would certainly be in the interest of all stakeholders is the entry of some new constructors into the competition, and the interest reportedly exists, says Domenicali. “What I can say is that we are in talks with some manufacturers.

At the moment, their wish is not to make it public, but the good news is that there are other companies, very important companies, that are determined to explore what value they could achieve using the Formula 1 platform.

” “Not only in terms of technology but also the value that Formula 1 can bring to a single car manufacturer,” says the CEO of Formula 1.

Domenicali on the racing weekend format

Clearly, new constructors, if any, should not be expected at the World Championships in the next few years, certainly not before the introduction of new and cheaper engines.

When it comes to power units, the new regulations should be applied from 2025, but maybe even earlier, Domenicali wishes. "It is not possible that a power unit in Formula 1 costs as much as it costs today. I think there has to be a limit, and one of our plans is to involve teams and constructors and try to design new engines even before the deadline expected by the rules.

” Another interesting topic is the format of racing weekends. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about this, about the option of introducing some new formats to make the weekends more exciting to follow. The new CEO does not rule out trying out some new formats in the future.

“We are thinking about how to keep the racing format alive in a different way. We talk to the teams because, of course, it is important for us to hear their opinion, but also the opinion of other participants and people like media representatives who have a lot of experience.

” "We will have meetings dedicated to preparing the right proposal. We must be sure that we do not miss any opportunity and we must take care not to refer only to ourselves in what we propose, that would be a big mistake, "said Domenicali.