Jenson Button warns: Lando Norris must manage his emotions better

"We know how important it is to have your head in the right place. He is so talented that I don’t want him to be too down on himself.“- Button said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jenson Button warns: Lando Norris must manage his emotions better
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This year's F1 season brought us a lot of interesting things and surprises. Although some expected that this season could be a repeat of the previous one, we are seeing much more excitement this year. A particularly interesting personality recently is the young Lando Norris, who excels this season, and wants to win the championship. Max Verstappen is currently far ahead of everyone, but Norris is not giving up on his goal.

The last race in Britain was not exactly the best for Norris, at least not in terms of his expectations and wishes.

After the last race where he finished third, Lando Norris was frustrated, believing his team could have achieved much more. Previously, the young Briton was also angry during the Austrian GP, as Max Verstappen disrupted many things for him. McLaren has massive potential this season, but Norris feels they can do much better. 

In a media interview, McLaren's driver primarily blamed himself, believing he did not make good decisions. Despite his intentions to give his best in each race, making mistakes is part of the sport. Despite blaming himself, Norris enjoys immense trust from the team's leaders, who see him as the gem they desire.

“I blame myself today for not making some of the right decisions. I hate it. I hate ending in this position and having excuses for not doing a good enough job."- Norris said.

F1 experts, analysts, and legends of the sport often analyze individual performances, and Norris has been part of these discussions. Jens Button emphasized in an interview with Sky Sports F1 that Norris needs to have different reactions. Button, someone who dominated F1 tracks, stresses Norris should be gentler on himself. Norris tends to be critical of himself, believing he could have done more. While self-critique can sometimes be a good thing indicating awareness of weaknesses and mistakes, Button thinks Norris should change his mindset.

“Lando needs to be a little bit careful with his emotions,” Button said on Sky Sports F1, as reported by Crash.

“He is putting himself down massively and the last race, this race, and it can quite easily spiral out of control.“

Some consider Norris the most talented driver in F1 and someone who could lead the way on F1 tracks in the near future. The young Briton has been particularly impressive this season, aiming to win the championship. Button believes it's not positive to show competitors that you're not feeling good about your performances. As an old-school driver, Button thinks showing weaknesses isn't wise. With years of experience in the F1 scene, Button's advice could be crucial for drivers like Norris. While Button doesn't mind discussing emotions, he stresses it's not the best option in terms of competitiveness. Norris often downplays his performances and seeks flaws even when he has done well.

"We know how important it is to have your head in the right place. He is so talented that I don’t want him to be too down on himself so that he is not back up there at the next race.

Also you don’t want to show your competitors that you’re that down. That’s a weakness that you don’t want to show.

It’s lovely that he’s open with his emotions and it’s great for us viewers, but I’m just thinking of the competitive side of things. He shouldn’t be so down on himself.”- Button concluded.

Lando Norris
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Button was not the only one who commented on the performances of Norris. Another legend of this sport, Ralf Schumacher, reflected on the performance of the young Brit.

Schumacher commented that Norris may not yet be prepared to compete at the same levels as Verstappen and Hamilton. He suggested this might be influenced by the team structure, including the strength of his engineer, who plays a crucial role. Norris seems frustrated with his performance due to perceived mistakes and aims to improve through this learning experience, Ralf stresses.

Lando Norris reacts to his last race

After the last race, Norris highlighted in a media interview that things looked perfect for his team until the final pit stop. The decision to go with the soft tires wasn't the best. Norris emphasizes that despite everything, Lewis Hamilton would probably have come out as the winner in this race.

“So many things were going well. We threw it away in the final stop. So one lap, but also I don’t think it was a lap,” said Norris.

“Even if I boxed on the perfect lap, our decision to go into the softs was the wrong one. Lewis still would have won no matter what. So two calls from our side cost us everything today.”

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