Mercedes boss Toto Wolff pokes fun at Max Verstappen amid F1 success

”Verstappen has lots of opportunities to look at the car in the race.”- Toto Wolff said

by Sead Dedovic
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff pokes fun at Max Verstappen amid F1 success
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Max Verstappen and Mercedes have been a long-standing topic. Many are questioning whether Mercedes and Verstappen will collaborate. While this seemed unrealistic a few months ago, many now believe there are significant chances for cooperation between Verstappen and Mercedes, especially after some of Toto Wolff's statements. 

Mercedes' boss has been expressing interest in Verstappen for months, hoping the Dutchman will join his team. Despite skepticism, Wolff believes he can persuade skeptics. Red Bull's executives dismiss these as Wolff's fantasies, insisting Verstappen will remain with their team. 

Mercedes performed exceptionally in the recent race in Britain, where Lewis Hamilton secured a crucial victory. Wolff joked in a media interview, mentioning that Verstappen had seen an improvised F1 Mercedes car after Hamilton's win. When asked if Mercedes' progress could influence Verstappen to join the team, Wolff said:

“I don’t know. He [Verstappen] has lots of opportunities to look at the car in the race.”- Toto Wolff said, as quoted by Crash.

Wolff also responded to reporters regarding whether Mercedes' strong performances would influence decisions regarding their second driver. The Mercedes boss believes it will not have any importance. For months, they have been striving to ensure their car is ready to compete at the top. Achieving this goal, Mercedes' leadership wants to maintain the same pace in the upcoming races. The second driver is likely not something they are currently contemplating, focusing instead on how to progress further.

“I don’t think… It doesn’t influence our thinking. I’ve always said we need a car that goes quick, and when we have a car that goes quick, we put the driver in, and we get it interesting for our main drivers.“- Wolff continued.

Max Verstappen
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Toto Wolff doesn't want this victory to carry them away too much, preferring to stay grounded. Mercedes hasn't been particularly impressive for a while now, so this victory will certainly boost them and provide additional confidence. The Mercedes boss wants everyone within the team to remain calm, hoping for even better performances in the future.

“In a way, I think we need to stay calm, and continue the season, continue to focus on the car, and then look at whether the options are still the same.

But it’s not like there’s changing everything upside down.”- he said.

Red Bull and Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff recently had a media clash with Red Bull's leadership, notably Christian Horner, Red Bull's team principal, who suggested that if Wolff wants Verstappen, he can have Jos (Max's father). Wolff remains determined to pursue Verstappen regardless of Red Bull's opposition to his desires and statements. 

The Mercedes boss likely seeks a reaction from Red Bull and aims to create additional confusion within their team. It will be interesting to see how the situation unfolds, especially since Verstappen is open to new experiences. If Red Bull fails to provide him with a competitive car, there is no doubt that the Dutchman's career could potentially take a different direction.

Verstappen is tied to the Austrian team for several more years, but the question remains whether he will honor the contract until the end or change his mind and pursue a different path. Max Verstappen is a driver who has always dreamed of being at the top. Mercedes is clearly making progress, but will that progress be enough for Mercedes executives to convince him to join the German team?

Max Verstappen reacts to rumors

Max Verstappen recently responded to rumors about his potential move to Mercedes, stating that it's natural to hear such stories. The Dutchman emphasizes that they have cars with which they can compete for championships. Verstappen appears content in the Austrian team, but the question remains whether his happiness will last in the coming years. The 26-year-old believes it will be difficult to maintain the same dominance this year, but the most important thing for him is that he is still at the top. His main rivals, McLaren and Ferrari, cannot keep up with his pace and still seem far from Red Bull's quality.

"I think I've said this before. I mean, naturally, of course, people are talking," he said

"But it's most important just that we have a very competitive car for the future.

At the moment, of course, it's very tight, but we are working very well as a team to try and improve more."

We will see if Red Bull can maintain this rhythm and be equally dominant in the next races. It will not be easy to do great things next to so many quality teams that are looking for their place on the throne. Horner, Marko, and the rest of the team believe in success.

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