Carlos Sainz: We have lost two or three months of performance gain

"We have basically the same car as in Imola and since Imola everyone has upgraded, probably added two tenths to the car and we have had to revert."

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz: We have lost two or three months of performance gain
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Carlos Sainz is someone who cannot be satisfied with Ferrari's recent performances, hoping for certain changes as the season progresses. The Spaniard managed to finish 4th, but he was not happy with his performance or that of Charles Leclerc. In a media interview, Sainz emphasized that his team can do better. Despite having a car identical to the one in Imola, they failed to achieve a positive result. Sainz believes they must make better moves if they want things to turn in the right direction.

"It is clearly not good enough," Sainz said, as reported by Crash

"We have basically the same car as in Imola and since Imola everyone has upgraded, probably added two tenths to the car and we have had to revert. We have lost two or three months of performance gain in the wind tunnel or performance we could have added in these three months, so clearly we haven't taken the right calls recently."

Sainz wanted Ferrari to have a car like they had in Imola, but it seems their rivals seized the opportunity and came out ahead. Such a situation cannot satisfy Sainz or anyone within the team. It's clear that some things need to change. Ferrari started the season brilliantly and were main competitors to Red Bull. However, as the season progressed, things became increasingly difficult for them, and it was evident they were experiencing a decline.

"I feel like today was at least back-to-basics, back to a car which was in Imola and we just need to upgrade it from here. But it is clear that our rivals are a good step ahead of us.”- he continued.

Carlos Sainz on Hungarian GP

The Hungarian Grand Prix will be a chance for a make-up exam. This race will be a huge challenge for Ferrari's leaders, considering that the track in Hungary is filled with many challenges. Sainz commented on the track in Hungary, stressing where his team could encounter the biggest problems. However, Sainz does not want to create panic, acknowledging the situation they are in and the need to find a solution to overcome it. 

Carlos Sainz
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Ferrari is a team filled with quality individuals and team leaders who are ready to make positive changes to advance the team. Many are worried about Hungary, believing that this race will present numerous challenges. Only the most capable and best will succeed in this race. Red Bull still seems to be the main favorite for victory.

“It still means we will bounce in [turns] four and eleven. But until then, nothing better will come,” Sainz said.

“We might need to live with the bouncing for slow-speed performance while in high-speed tracks we might need to run this floor of the old package if the other one is undriveable.

“That’s the situation we’re in. I trust the team will do the right calls circuit-to-circuit until a more solid package, which is not bouncing in high-speed and good in low-speed, arrives, and then we will start thinking about battling the top three teams again.”

Frederic Vasseur on Hungarian GP

Ferrari's team principal is somewhat worried about what awaits him in this race, believing that the Hungarian Grand Prix will present a huge challenge for his team. Vasseur seeks a deep analysis of this weekend, aiming to understand where they make the biggest mistakes. Formula 1 is a fast-paced sport where there isn't much time for analysis, as new challenges await week after week. 

As an experienced figure and leader of the team, Vasseur believes that Silverstone was far from the most aggressive track when it comes to bouncing with very high-speed corners. However, Vasseur thinks they will have time to decide what to do in Budapest.

Vasseur discussed the bouncing issues affecting Ferrari, mentioning that the unpredictability of these occurrences makes them difficult to address. He pointed out the challenge of correlating these issues without the ability to replicate them in wind tunnel testing. Vasseur emphasized that while they have metrics to anticipate bouncing with certain components, determining its potential negative impact on performance is a complex task. He also mentioned that there are many possible solutions they can consider to resolve these issues.

It will be interesting to see in which direction Ferrari's season will go. The Italian team wants to fix the mistakes, with the hope that things can look different in Hungary. They will have enormous support in this European country, and they believe that this can help them in their quest to the very top. Many eyes will be focused on Sainz and Leclerc.

An exciting continuation of the season awaits us.

Carlos Sainz