Charles Leclerc: Another weekend to forget

After achieving victory in Monaco, Leclerc did not shine in the next races.

by Sead Dedovic
Charles Leclerc: Another weekend to forget
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Charles Leclerc has no right to be happy with his last performance, the one in Britain, where he didn't show what was expected of him. The Monegasque entered the race with optimism, hoping he could achieve a positive result, but unfortunately, he finished 14th. Leclerc, in an interview with the media, commented on the switch to intermediates, believing they made a mistake. Although his team felt they had made the right decision, it turned out the situation was quite different.

“Was clearly the wrong one, I’ll look back into it with the decision, with the message I got and the info I had it felt like it was the right one, it was raining a lot."- Leclerc said.

His team expected the rain to appear much earlier, but in the end, the rain did not appear until 8 to 9 laps later. The Monegasque considers this performance disappointing, hoping that things will look different in the coming weeks.

"I was told the rain was going to be heavy so I stopped to anticipate, but the rain came 8/9 laps later, so that was obviously the end of our race, very frustrating, another weekend to forget and it starts to be a lot."- Charles Leclerc continued, as quoted by Crash.

After achieving victory in Monaco, Leclerc did not shine in the next races. This amazing driver was left speechless, believing that only optimism can lead him back to the winner's circle. Leclerc, along with his Ferrari team, is in crisis and must find a solution as soon as possible. Despite promising results early on, things turned out quite differently in the end. This young driver wants to analyze and determine where things went wrong.

It’s very hard, very hard, I don’t really have the words to explain it but it’s been four races that have been worse than a nightmare, so I hope we can come back soon,” he said.

“It’s very difficult to look at positives in days like this, I just want to go back with the team, analyse the ways we are making decisions, and why we were on the wrong side today.”

Leclerc discussed the current challenges, stresing that the recent upgrade met performance expectations but introduced high-speed bouncing issues. Consequently, they opted for slightly lower performance for improved consistency at this particular track, a decision they believe was justified. Looking ahead, they plan to analyze data from both setups to uncover any potential misunderstandings with the new upgrades.

Frédéric Vasseur on Ferrari performances

Frédéric Vasseur, Ferrari team principal, reflected on the last race and the decision to switch to intermediates. His statements echoed the old saying: "It's easy to be a general after the battle." 

Vasseur emphasized that they provided information to the drivers who were not in the same situation. Sainz was engaged in a battle with Verstappen, so the focus was understandably on their duel.

“After the race, it’s certainly easier to make strategy decisions. We gave the same information to our drivers at that moment, but they were in different situations. Carlos was fighting with Verstappen and at that time was even faster than him. So, he was copying Max’s race. “- Vasseur said.

Frederic Vasseur
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Frédéric Vasseur on Charles Leclerc and his performance

Vasseur spoke about Leclerc, who wasn't impressive in the last race and found himself battling with Stroll, yet 10 seconds behind him. This influenced the team to make an aggressive decision. Despite expecting that things would have an effect, in the end, they were disappointed with how events unfolded.

“We made those decisions due to the circumstances we found ourselves in because if we had been in better positions from the start of the weekend, at the front, we certainly wouldn’t have made such aggressive decisions as we did.”-Vasseur said.

Vasseur is an experienced individual who is well-versed in the F1 scene, aware of the moves that need to be made. They potentially wanted to take a more aggressive approach, but things didn't turn out as expected.

However, he is an optimist and believes that in the future they can change things and move in the right direction. Vasseur hopes for positive developments. Ferrari is a team that has the potential for great things. It is only necessary that they confirm it on the F1 tracks. A chance for that will be the race in Hungary.

“We will decide later which spec to use in Hungary, it’s not a topic now. Here at Silverstone, we had bouncing, but today things went better. I think we can bring these improvements to the next weekend.”- Vasseur concluded.

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