Lando Norris: There are also lots of things to review

Lando Norris had mixed emotions after the race. Although his result cannot be disappointing, it seems that the young Briton expected he could have done more.

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris: There are also lots of things to review
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McLaren entered the race at Silverstone with serious ambitions, hoping to achieve victory and close in on Max Verstappen. However, Lando Norris did not succeed in what he had envisioned and had to settle for 3rd place. Ahead of him was his main competitor, Max Verstappen, while the surprising winner of the race was Lewis Hamilton, who came to victory after a long period. 

Lando Norris had mixed emotions after the race. Although his result cannot be disappointing, it seems that the young Briton expected he could have done more. Norris congratulated Hamilton on a great performance. Although Norris hoped that he could achieve victory on home soil, he will have to wait some time to achieve his goal.

“It was a tough race but very enjoyable. A big congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, he executed his race well, so hats off to him and Mercedes. It was a lot of fun battling these guys in these conditions, and you’re always on a knife-edge when you’re risking a lot.

We did many good things this weekend but there are also lots of things to review. This is the place I would love to have everything go perfectly and it just didn't today – but it is still lovely to be on the podium here at Silverstone.“- Lando Norris said, as quoted by f1technical.

Lando Norris has no doubt that his team can be even stronger next year and achieve victory in this race in the 2025 season.

"We'll come back stronger next race and next year and try again,"- he continued.

Oscar Piastri reacts to his performance

Oscar Piastri also had the right to be happy, finishing the race as P4. According to many, the Australian is the greatest talent on the grid, and many expect that he could become a new champion in the future. Piastri pointed out that his team had several great moments during the race, but some mistakes cost them a potentially better result. The most important thing for them, Piastri points out, is to rest and prepare for what comes next. Although the team's ambition is to try to win the championship this season, it is clear that it will be an extremely difficult task.

“Some good points for the team today but we had some missed opportunities, so it’s hard not to leave a bit frustrated. The call to double stack or to stay out is one of the hardest decisions you can make, and unfortunately, we just got it wrong, however we’ll take it back and review to see what we can learn from it.

Outside of that, we made strong decisions today and it’s encouraging to see we have the pace to be at the front. We’ll take a week to reset ahead of the double-header.”- Oscar Piastri said.

Oscar Piastri
Oscar Piastri© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Andrea Stella is happy with the last performance

McLaren team boss Andrea Stella can be happy with the season so far, considering that McLaren has emerged as the main rival to Red Bull, whereas in the past, it was Ferrari and Mercedes. This season's situation is somewhat different. Stella, however, emphasized the last race, believing that they could have gotten more out of it, and even achieved a victory. However, the rain was an important factor. 

The McLaren boss stresses that his drivers looked great when the rain started, but after that, they didn't capitalize on the advantage, and Stella thinks they could have done significantly more. Some of the decisions made will need to be analyzed, he highlights. The most important thing for the boss of this strong team is that his team is still fighting for wins and trophies, not doubting that they will achieve their goal at some point. Stella looks forward to the future and the challenges ahead.

McLaren and Red Bull

McLaren has shown this season that they are a team that deserves respect, and a team that could match Red Bull in the long run. Max Verstappen has problems repeating the previous season, but it is clear that last season he raised the ladder too high, so it was hard to expect that he could be so dominant.

He, on the other hand, still has great leadership and excellent chances to persevere to the end and win another championship. The Dutchman is a person who does not give up for a single moment, ready to finish the season again as a winner.

We will see what will happen in the next races, but also in the future when it comes to Red Bull and McLaren. Currently, these are the two teams that look like the most serious candidates for the very top this and next season.

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