Christian Horner and Helmut Marko on qualifying and qualifying damage

“Unfortunately he did quite a lot of damage to the underneath of the car, the mechanics did an excellent job.“- Horner said speaking about Verstappen.

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner and Helmut Marko on qualifying and qualifying damage
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Red Bull entered another weekend with serious ambitions, intending to continue their dominance and go the same way. However, things don't always go the way we imagine, and qualifying at Silverstone is an example of that.

Max Verstappen encountered several issues during qualifying in Britain. Floor damage created a huge problem for him, preventing Verstappen from showing his best performance. The 26-year-old briefly lost control of his car during one part of the race and narrowly avoided hitting the wall. After ending up in the gravel, Verstappen's car suffered considerable setbacks. 

Mechanics tried to fix the situation, but he'll ultimately start the race in 4th place. 

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner may not be pleased with the outcome, but he is relieved that things turned out much better than they could have. The mechanics, alongside Max Verstappen, did excellent work, ensuring the Dutchman extracted the maximum from such a situation. Horner recognizes that a driver like Verstappen knows how to recover from various situations, but performing brilliantly when the car isn't at its best is challenging.

“Unfortunately he did quite a lot of damage to the underneath of the car, the mechanics did an excellent job at managing to patch it up within the rules between the two sessions but a brilliant lap by Max,” said Horner, as quoted by f1oversteer.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen© Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport

Verstappen explained how the accident looked from his perspective. At one point, he slowed down and managed to navigate the situation. The floor damage posed a massive problem for his team, but Verstappen knew he had to make the most of the situation. The 26-year-old expressed gratitude to his team, who did everything they could to fix things, although some issues unfortunately couldn't be resolved, which greatly complicated Verstappen's job. Max is someone who can adapt to various conditions, aware that things won't always go as planned. Having such a driver is truly a huge asset.

“I lost the car coming into Copse. I already slowed down but lost the car and almost crashed, kept it out of the barrier. Quite a lot of floor damage from then onwards,”-Verstappen said.

“The team did a great job to repair as much as they could, but some bits were missing that you can’t really glue on, so from there we were just fighting with the balance of the car.”

Max Verstappen's reaction to Sergio Perez's performance

On the other hand, Red Bull can also be concerned about Sergio Perez, whose nightmare on track continued during qualifying at Silverstone. Despite the Mexican being motivated, focused, and ready to turn things around in his favor, he once again ended up disappointed. His frustrations are certainly growing deeper, raising questions about how he will handle another setback. 

Specifically, Perez found himself in the gravel during Q1, creating a massive challenge for the final race where he will start in 19th place. Red Bull leaders did not extensively comment on such circumstances, but Verstappen had something to say. 

Journalists were curious about how this would impact Max and his performance, considering he must battle against other drivers on his own. Verstappen was somewhat resigned to analyzing and assessing situations, feeling that no one could assist him during the race. Verstappen places the highest focus on himself. Naturally, the Dutchman is not pleased with his teammate's outcome, but the only thing left for them is optimism heading into the upcoming race. Weather is also crucial for him, expecting favorable conditions.

Helmut Marko is delighted with Max Verstappen

Helmut Marko reacted to Verstappen's great performance, considering that he did a miracle. The mechanics had to do their part, try to fix things, and help the team get to the top. Helmut Marko pointed out that 4th position is a big deal, considering that few expected after everything that they could secure 4th place.

"He had much less downforce. With a quick repair from the mechanics, some adjustments and a different wing and so on, we were able to reduce the downforce a lot," -Helmut Marko said.

According to the headlines, the new floor could only be half a tenth faster than the one. Marko points out that they have the option of repairing it, or changing it for another floor. Red Bull must adapt to their conditions if they want to be successful.

It will be interesting to see how much Verstappen together with Perez can do in the race. This race could bring a lot of surprises, and unexpected situations. Fans are excited for another week and race, hoping for a spectacle. A race in Britain could offer fans what they want.

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