Max Verstappen honestly reacts to Perez's disappointing qualifying at Silverstone

Verstappen is aware that his teammate needs support and help at this moment.

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen honestly reacts to Perez's disappointing qualifying at Silverstone
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Sergio Perez has bad luck again, as he ended up in the gravel during Q1, making it difficult to draw any real conclusions about the direction his career with Red Bull will take. The Mexican will start the race in Britain from 19th place, so he will have a tough task. The Red Bull leaders are not satisfied, that's for sure, but the question arises whether Perez can at least partially make things right during the race. 

Max Verstappen, in an interview with the media, commented on his teammate's performance, considering it difficult to give a clear answer as to whether he will be handicapped fighting against rivals alone. The Dutchman does not think too much about it, believing that things mostly depend on him.

Verstappen is aware that his teammate needs support and help at this moment, considering that Perez fails to maintain the rhythm and move in the right direction from race to race. The Dutchman, on the other hand, does not want to look back too much on his colleague, preferring to look at himself and strive for success. This does not mean that Verstappen does not want the Austrian team to progress together with Perez. His attitude is that he can influence his performances, while Perez must shape his destiny.

“I don't know, I try not to think about it. 

At the end of the day, you always have to do it yourself, no one is going to help you in a race or whatever. “- Max Verstappen said, as quoted by Racing News 365.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

The 26-year-old admitted that he is not happy with the qualifications, referring to Perez's performance. However, it is necessary to forget such a performance as soon as possible and focus on Sunday and a new opportunity. Verstappen is confident that his team has the potential to achieve a positive result. He does not expect them to be the fastest, but he expects things to go in the direction they should. It will be interesting to see how much Red Bull will succeed in this race. We do not doubt that Verstappen has the potential to achieve something great.

“You have to really go out from your own strength and of course, it was super unfortunate to lose Checo in Q1.

From my side [Sunday] is a new day where first of all, we have to wait and see what the weather will do.

But I'm confident if we just have a clean car, let's say it like that, we can be in the mix. I'm not saying that we're going to be the quickest but at least when we are in the mix, there’s always something possible.”- Verstappen continued.

Verstappen acknowledged the importance of having both cars on track, emphasizing the unfortunate nature of Perez's incident during his statement:

Verstappen stressed the importance of having both cars in the race, mentioning that Perez's incident was unfortunate and unexpected.

Regarding Perez's performance, Verstappen mentioned that Perez showed promising signs during Friday's practice sessions, suggesting it would be unfair to criticize him based on this weekend's performance. 

Verstappen is not the team leader or someone who needs to focus on the Mexican's performance. The Dutchman is aware that Perez needs support in these moments. It seems that the experienced driver lacks confidence after all. It will take a period for his confidence to return.

Verstappen noted that Perez looked competitive during Friday's practice sessions, indicating that he did not deserve criticism for his performance this weekend.

Sergio Perez reacts

Sergio Perez has no other option but to forget about everything that happened as soon as possible and get the most out of the race in Britain, trying to get a great result. The last thing a Mexican should do is wonder if things could have gone differently.

Let's not doubt that Perez knows how to deal with negative results. He is an experienced driver, he is part of the best team, and there are chances that he will return to great form.

At the end of the qualification, the Mexican pointed out that it hurts him to disappoint the team, which showed confidence in him. Perez feels pain because of what happened, he wants things to finally go the way he imagined.

"I ended up losing the car, going into the gravel and that was it. It hurts because to let your team down that way, it hurts a lot because I think the weekend was strong up to now. We were just not able to show the pace."

We will see how much Perez can do in the rest of the season.

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