Guenther Steiner expects Norris-Verstappen showdown at Silverstone

‘In my opinion, the victory will be battled out between McLaren and Red Bull'-Steiner said.

by Sead Dedovic
Guenther Steiner expects Norris-Verstappen showdown at Silverstone
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Many are excited ahead of another F1 race taking place this weekend at Silverstone. The British GP is back, with high expectations surrounding individual performances, especially from Lando Norris and Max Verstappen. It seems that passions and tensions are at their peak like never before. 

Following the previous race where we witnessed the clash between Norris and Verstappen, many believe that tensions will carry over to this race as well. The question is with what mindset both enter this race, especially Norris who has an added motivation to compete on home soil. 

Guenther Steiner, former Haas team principal who understands F1 circumstances well, could shed light on the truth. 

In a media interview, Steiner highlighted that Red Bull and McLaren could be the most solid contenders and expects one of them to claim victory. Steiner stresses that Norris is hungry for success and wins, particularly after realizing he can compete with Verstappen in some races.

‘In my opinion, the victory will be battled out between McLaren and Red Bull'-Steiner said, as quoted by carmagazine

‘Lando has come to that level where he wins races against Max, and now I think he seems to get a little bit impatient to win more.’ 

Lando Norris
Lando Norris© Chris Graythen/Getty Images Sport

Lando Norris recently achieved the first victory of his career, which immediately created euphoria and expectations that he could dethrone Verstappen. Although he has shown quality in many races this season, Verstappen has a huge lead, and Norris will have a difficult task to dethrone him. Steiner points out that Norris is a great driver, and that no victory can come by chance.

‘Once you’ve won in an F1 car, you’re talented, that doesn’t come from nowhere,’- Steiner continued.

Steiner also revealed whom he would hire if he were still part of the F1 scene. As suggestions, George Russell and Lando Norris were given. Steiner has no doubt that Norris is the right choice and option for the future, considering Norris has momentum and is doing great things. McLaren has truly provided him with a car with which he can achieve great things.

‘I would hire Lando at the moment. George is fine, but at the moment Lando has just got this edge. Lando comes with more momentum.’- he continued.

After the last incident at the F1 tracks where the main actors were Norris and Verstappen, Steiner believes that the last incident will not change Max Verstappen. He points out that the only way individuals can follow his pace and make a great result is to race like him. Otherwise, he will always be behind him, and he will hardly be able to keep up with him. 

Steiner points out that Norris has learned his lesson, and thinks that Norris will race in the same way in the next races. The Dutchman is known as a driver who takes risks and often makes interesting moves. The question is, how much will other drivers like Norris endure such things? Having learned his lesson, Steiner stresses that Norris will enter the next races much differently.

The last race brought another surprise as George Russell won the race. In addition, his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, was also great. Steiner points out that Mercedes does not have a great chance to win again, given that things do not depend on Lewis Hamilton. However, he does not want to give definitive forecasts, noting that there is always a chance of a similar outcome as the one in Austria. The fight of two at the top can bring surprising events.

Guenther Steiner on Ollie Bearman

The former Haas team principal also commented on the F2 talent of Ollie Bearman, who will be part of the Haas team starting next season. Steiner believes that his former team made the right decision, stressing that Bearman has matured. Guenther noticed a lot of positive characteristics in this driver and believes that his experience in Haas can be the key to success. That will certainly be a huge advantage for him.

’I think the guy is just mature enough. You know he’s got the support from Ferrari. There are lots of positives to the guy and obviously he showed them when he raced this year and replaced Carlos. And he’s been at Haas since last year, so he knows the team. That helps a lot as well.’ -Steiner said.

This season brings a lot of interesting things. Fans also expect that the race to Britain will be equally exciting, and will bring a surprise factor. The dominance of one driver is not what fans want to see, frustrated by the events of last season. Whether Red Bull fans will be the happiest again remains to be seen.

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