Christian Horner reveals thoughts on extending Perez's contract: Interesting reaction

Christian Horner expressed concern about Sergio Perez's recent performance in Formula 1.

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner reveals thoughts on extending Perez's contract: Interesting reaction
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Sergio Perez started the new season in a great way, but his recent performances do not inspire optimism that things will get better. The Mexican similarly began last season, with a great rhythm. However, after some time, rumors started circulating about his departure from the team. We have the same story again. 

However, this time Perez is much more relieved since he extended his contract a few weeks ago. 

Fans of this sport believe that the Red Bull management made a mistake by giving Perez a chance too early. During conversations with Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, journalists had interesting questions. One of the questions was whether Horner regrets extending Perez's contract too early.

“That’s a brutally hard question,”-Christian Horner told Sky Sports, as quoted by Crash.

“Of course, at the point you sign a driver the contents of any agreement are not going to be disclosed with the likes of you lot.

It made absolute sense to sign Sergio at that point in time.

This is a business where there’s pressure to deliver.”

Christian Horner
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Christian Horner expressed concern about Sergio Perez's recent performance in Formula 1, stressing that while his first five races were strong and competitive, his last five races have been disappointing. Horner emphasized the team's desire to see Perez return to the form he showed at the beginning of the season, acknowledging that Perez himself is aware of the drop in performance.

The Mexican is certainly not happy with his performances in the last few weeks, but he intends to change things in the rest of the season. Perez has shown that he is a driver of top quality and someone who can turn things in his favor. If he didn't have the necessary quality, he probably wouldn't even be a part of this team. The only question is whether this time he will react better under pressure or will we see a repeat of the previous one.

Horner mentioned that Perez has been putting in extra effort to improve, including spending time in the simulator to better understand where things have gone wrong. Despite the recent setbacks, Horner praised Perez's resilience and ability to bounce back from difficult situations, expressing optimism that Perez will regain his form and deliver greater performances in the upcoming races.

Christian Horner has often criticized the Mexican in the last couple of years, to make him better and motivate him. The only question is whether his measures were effective, given that Horner's criticisms can deepen the dissatisfaction of the drivers and create additional pressure. Recently, the intentions of the Re Bull manager are clear to put an accent on Perez as little as possible, not wanting to further disturb the experienced Mexican.

They are primarily pleased by Perez's intention to progress. When you have such a wish, then the team leaders have great hope that you will succeed in it.

Christian Horner: I think it’s something Checo is working very hard on

As we have already pointed out, this season is very reminiscent of the last one, where Perez was great in the early stages of the season, but then he regressed from race to race. Although it was expected that Perez would not repeat the mistake, he is doing the same thing again. 

In an interview with the media, Horner pointed out that he is aware of the similarities between this season and the previous one, confirming that this is one of the reasons why he extended Perez's contract. It seems that the Mexican does not react ideally under pressure, and now that he has a new contract, they hope that his performances will be more brilliant.

“Well, that’s why we thought the contract would help,” Horner said.

“I think it’s something Checo is working very hard on. He knows.“

The Red Bull team principal also stresses that it is not easy to have Max Verstappen as a teammate, given that he is a driver who has raised the bar high. If you want to follow his rhythm, you will have a very challenging task. Horner believes that the Mexican must provide support to Verstappen considering the threat that comes from McLaren, Ferrari, and Mercedes. 

They want to see both cars at the top, and probably Verstappen as the winner of the championship again. That is a very realistic goal. It will be interesting to see if he will take advantage of it

“This is a sport where there’s no hiding. Particularly with Max Verstappen as your teammate, he knows he’s been measured against the very best.

We need him up there supporting Max because there’s two McLarens, two Ferraris, two Mercedes, we desperately need there to be two Red Bulls.”

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