Jenson Button's intriguing take on Lando Norris and Max Verstappen collision

"There's a lot of talk about Max - on him moving in the braking zone, and should he have had a bigger penalty than he had,"- Button said.

by Sead Dedovic
Jenson Button's intriguing take on Lando Norris and Max Verstappen collision
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The collision between Verstappen and Norris has attracted massive attention from everyone. Jenson Button is one of those who reacted to this incident, sharing his opinion. Opinions among fans and legends of the sport vary. While some point fingers at Verstappen, blaming him, many believe that the Dutchman is not at fault in this case. Verstappen is known for his somewhat aggressive driving, especially when he is in significant trouble. Button emphasized that there has been a lot of talk about Max Verstappen and his driving style in the last race.

"There's a lot of talk about Max - on him moving in the braking zone, and should he have had a bigger penalty than he had,"- Button told Sky Sports, as quoted by racingnews365.

Button stresses that the Dutchman did not necessarily deserve such a penalty, considering that his move did not particularly cause a problem for Norris. Button, a former F1 champion, thinks that Norris could have acted differently in those moments. Such situations are known to occur in F1, but all participants must react in the right manner. Button also believes that Norris could have handled the situation differently. The young Brit had a strong motivation in this race, ready to challenge his competition and close in on Verstappen. However, he did not succeed in doing so, and his frustrations were evident immediately after the race ended.

"Might be controversial, but I don't think he should've. I think that when he braked, he slightly went to the left. Sometimes that happens. You'll be looking to the right and you might move to the left a little bit.

I think he moved to the left because Lando was there, which is the issue - and that's why he got a 10-second penalty. Lando also could've moved to the left, there was a lot more circuit to go, and avoided the contact."- he continued.

Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello
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Button referred to an incident that occurred during the Austrian Grand Prix. In that race, Carlos Sainz took the inside line with Max Verstappen on the outside. Just like this year, Carlos moved left and Max followed, running onto the kerb but avoiding contact. 

Button insists that the driving style that some individuals often find controversial is, in essence, one reason why we follow this sport. Each driver has a different style, and Button expects that Norris and Verstappen will have numerous showdowns in the future.

The former F1 champion believes that this situation is a great prelude to the British GP, where we will watch these two drivers in action. There are high expectations for both. Norris will compete on home soil, while Verstappen is motivated to achieve another victory. Verstappen leads with 237 points, while Norris is in second place with 156 points. The gap is substantial, but everything is achievable. However, fans of this sport are not optimistic that Norris can truly compete with Verstappen in the near future.

Lando Norris' impressions after the race

Lando Norris has clearly expressed frustrations after the last race, believing that rules must be respected. The Briton felt he was close to a great result, but Verstappen spoiled his plans. Norris considers Max's moves unacceptable. Although he expected a tough battle, he did not anticipate such aggression from Verstappen, who is his close friend off the tracks as well. 

Interestingly, Lando labeled Max's performance as desperate on his part. The young Briton wasn't surprised by this turn of events during the race, although he expected fair competition and mutual respect. The question is how this incident will affect the relationship between the Dutchman and the Brit in the near future. The friendship that has lasted for years has been greatly strained by the last race. 

Nevertheless, we do not doubt that the two will smooth things over and move past what happened.

The Red Bull leaders are still motivated to win another championship, while on the other hand, the leaders of McLaren know that they will have to be much better if they want to keep up with Red Bull. This season is somewhat more interesting than the last, considering that Verstappen dominated last season easily, showing the competition that they are far from him.

Although it is a similar story this season, the Dutchman was far from the form he was in last season. The standard he set last season is such that now everyone expects him to win race after race. It is not easy to handle the role of favorite from race to race.

Norris is motivated to stop Verstappen's dominance, if not this season, then next. The Briton has clear goals ahead of him.

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