Daniel Ricciardo's future: Will the Australian shock us?

Will Buxton, in an interview for F1TV, highlighted that Williams could be the next destination for the experienced Australian.

by Sead Dedovic
Daniel Ricciardo's future: Will the Australian shock us?
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There has been much talk about the future of Daniel Ricciardo, formerly of Red Bull, who, according to reports, is in negotiations with Williams. The driver from Red Bull's sister team, RB, expects positive outcomes for his future. The Australian has not particularly impressed at RB, which raises questions about what to expect from Ricciardo going forward. 

Helmut Marko has a clear philosophy that part of RB's team should consist of young drivers, such as Liam Lawson, who will be joining the team next year. The Red Bull team adviser emphasized that the team's philosophy has always been to give opportunities to young drivers and develop them within the sister team.

“It is clear that RB are a junior team. That is also communicated internally and everyone has understood that.”- Marko said, as quoted by Planet F1.

Helmut Marko
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Will Buxton, in an interview for F1TV, highlighted that Williams could be the next destination for the experienced Australian. Williams is a team that often gives opportunities to drivers like Ricciardo. He also mentioned that Williams is tired of waiting for Sainz to decide about his future. The Spaniard will not be part of Ferrari next season, and discussions about his future continue. Many teams are in line waiting for an opportunity. Sainz has shown at Ferrari that he is a promising driver capable of achieving great things. The arrival of Lewis Hamilton has disrupted the Spaniard's plans at Ferrari.

“His entire future [is] on the line right now. There is much talk that he will be out of this seat after the summer break.

There is talk that he may be in negotiations with Williams for their second seat next year alongside Alex Albon.

Williams, as we understand, are sick of waiting for Carlos Sainz to make his mind up on where he wants to go next year and may close that door off for him.”- Buxton said.

Daniel Ricciardo on his future

Ricciardo admitted that he still doesn't know what will happen in the future, emphasizing that he currently has no other options in mind. He acknowledges that some might view his statements as stubborn or arrogant, but he is not seeking another team for the upcoming seasons. Daniel confirmed he is content at RB, finding Helmut Marko's comments motivating. 

Marko, known as a Red Bull team advisor, is someone unafraid to offer various remarks to motivate drivers. This tactic has often worked, although it has sometimes had the opposite effect on some drivers. Ricciardo, however, appears to be a mentally strong driver who strives to improve every day. His intention is not to dwell on individual comments or criticisms but rather to view such remarks as fuel for the future.

The philosophy at the helm of Red Bull Racing is evidently to have a driver in their premier team who, if not performing at their best, will be replaced by a young driver from their sister team. The intentions of the Austrian team's leadership to develop young talents are clear, giving them opportunities to progress day by day. Additionally, if drivers in the junior team fail to impress, realistically, their story might end sooner, as could Ricciardo's. 

Daniel hasn't been considered a young driver for a long time, but despite Marko's comments, he remains motivated to stay with the team and proves to everyone that he is still a driver worthy of attention and respect.

Ricciardo stresses that his track performances could be the reason Marko changes his mind in the near future. He isn't afraid for his seat on the team, showing he is relaxed and confident in himself. He admitted that earlier in his career, he had a fear of losing his seat, but now things are completely different. Ricciardo has matured over the past few years, recognized where he made mistakes, and clearly developed a new mindset.

"If I perform, I feel like there is a very good chance to stay here and that will be the dominant and most over-riding factor," Ricciardo said.

"It doesn't affect my performance and I'm not driving the car now thinking I am fighting for my seat, maybe two years ago when I lost my seat [I was but] I don't live with a fear of this."

Ricciardo emphasized that he doesn't read Helmut Marko's comments, but he is informed about how Red Bull's leaders perceive things. Despite some expecting that his story might be over after this season, Ricciardo points out that nothing is finished yet, which he intends to demonstrate.

We will see how much the experienced Australian can do in the rest of the season.

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