Magnussen impressed with the new Cadillac model

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Magnussen impressed with the new Cadillac model

Former Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen commented that the current F1 cars are amazing to drive, but that they lack something, despite the fantastic performance and technology that is the best in the world. Magnussen joined Haas in 2017 and spent four seasons with Grosjean as a teammate, and Haas will have a completely new driver line-up from 2021 with last year’s F2 drivers Mazepin and Schumacher.

The Dane turned to the American series of sports cars IMSA and recently tested the Cadillac DPi-V.R prototype for the first time at Sebring, which delighted him, just like the Sebring track, which is a true representative of the old metal track.

Magnussen had a great experience that he will surely remember forever and it seems that he cannot hide his enthusiasm for Cadillac “I’ve been flying a plane for the last six or seven years,” Magnussen told RACER.

"Unbelievably, driving an F1 car is great fun, but they're a little short of soul." "Something is missing. F1 used to have that, but when I tried this Cadillac it opened my eyes. ”

Magnussen is amazed

“The sound and the way the engine reacts… even the track.

Sebring, it can hardly be more old school than that. This is like a dream come true. ” "Everything I look at here is new to me. The whole car, of course, but even the language they use when they talk about the car, all the systems, the car settings, the vocabulary they use is really different.

” "I immediately felt at home. It was great to drive a real race car again. ” The Cadillac DPi-V.R has a 5.5-liter atmospheric V8 with 600 hp, and the car weighs 930 kg with a driver. “Every time I touched the gas, I would have butterflies in my stomach,” Magnussen said.

The Magnussen was not only impressed by the car's components but even by the smell and sound of the engine which is in every driver's blood. "It's about that, that's where the passion begins. It comes from things like sound, smell and appearance.

You Americans have it as an integral part of sports. ” "I missed it and I didn't realize how much I missed it until I got out of this car." “Such easy torque delivery. You touch the gas and it's there right away, there's no delay. Do what you want. ” "You get to overturn the engine every time you brake because it sounds so great."