Damon Hill on Max Verstappen: You have to approach him with a great deal of caution

Verstappen was again the main figure in the race together with Norris.

by Sead Dedovic
Damon Hill on Max Verstappen: You have to approach him with a great deal of caution
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The last race in Austria caused a lot of controversy in the F1 world, considering the incident between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. Although it looked like the Brit could achieve a great result, Verstappen destroyed his dreams, and Norris had to finish the race due to damage sustained by his car. 

Important figures in the F1 world reacted to this incident, and among the first was Damon Hill, who believes that the finish could have been exciting, but the incident led to a completely different scenario. Hill believes that Norris had the necessary speed, and it seemed that he could make a huge step. The Brit was left disappointed after everything, given that the Dutchman ruined his plans.

“The tension built up beautiful and I think we were a little bit robbed of a fantastic climax to the race,” -he said, as quoted by Crash.

“We’ll never know what the outcome would have been. It looked to me like Lando had the pace and that’s why Max had to do his, well, I’m going to call it fiendish defending, I’m sorry.“- he continued.

Max is a person who has often done the same things in the past, especially when it comes to the clashes between Mercedes and Red Bull. The Dutchman has never abandoned his tactics, regardless of the negative outcomes that could arise. Norris is frustrated with Verstappen's approach, but Lewis Hamilton has also talked about it.

“Because I think that Max has got a reputation of not willingly giving up the lead without a massive fight. Okay, if you know that about Max, you have to approach him with a great deal of caution.“- he continued.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen© Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images Sport

Norris immediately after the race emphasized that he was disappointed with the way Verstappen raced. Although the two were great friends off the F1 tracks, what happened on the F1 tracks seems to have broken the friendship between Verstappen and Norris. While most point fingers at Max, considering him the main culprit, Hill raises the question of who the main rival is in the whole story? He has given his view on the entire situation.

“But we have got these rules about how you go about racing. Now, the question is, did he break those rules? Or did Lando get a little bit too defensive in his rights as a racing driver to stand his ground?

I think there was an element of, when he put his car in the position of the outside, he could have gone onto the kerb, but he decided, no I’m not moving. He’s not supposed to change line and he’s supposed to be give me enough room and the collision happened.“- he continued.

David Croft reacts

David Croft, also a famous figure in the f1 world, reacted to the penalty that Verstappen received.

Croft emphasized concerns about the effectiveness of the 10-second penalty, considering the guidelines stewards typically adhere to. He pointed out that while the penalty didn't impact Verstappen's final race position, as he had to pit for a tire change, it had a major consequence for Lando Norris, who retired after serving his own penalty for exceeding track limits.

Lando Norris, the man closest to Max Verstappen was disappointed with the events, considering that he had a good chance to get closer to Verstappen in the final standings. The Dutchman knew that Norris was a danger to him, and he would certainly do everything to stop him on that path. Verstappen is a driver who is only thinking about how to win.

Croft refrained from advocating for a grid penalty for Verstappen in the next race but raised the question of whether a 10-second penalty was sufficient given that Verstappen's maneuver resulted in one driver retiring and compromised his opportunity to win.

The FIA ​​will have to think carefully in the coming days, and potentially make new decisions when it comes to the incident of these two drivers. F1 fans are not happy with Verstappen's behavior, believing that the Dutchman should change the way he races. 26-year-old does not pay much attention to this, ignoring the critics and those who have been trying to break his spirit for years. The most important thing for Red Bull is that they are still the leaders, to remain so in the coming period.

McLaren is the team that presented the greatest danger to them, together with Ferrari. These two teams want to crush Red Bull's dreams and try to win the championship. Judging by the events so far, that task will be very difficult.

An exciting continuation of the season awaits us.

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