Helmut Marko considers the behavior of Lando Norris pathetic

"His comments that Max should apologise are also not very helpful. But they will meet to talk things out."

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko considers the behavior of Lando Norris pathetic
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The situation in the last race in Austria did not excite the fans of this sport, who were not happy with the outcome. Lando Norris had great chances to be at the top, but after Verstappen showed a 'dose of aggression', the race had to end earlier for the Briton. 

Norris was critical of Verstappen and reacted sharply to his behavior on the track. Although the Briton hoped he could make a big step forward, ultimately things turned out disastrous for him. 

Red Bull team advisor, Helmut Marko, responded to Norris's statements, where he emphasized that Verstappen must admit his mistake, and only in that way can their friendship be maintained. Marko considers such behavior pathetic, believing it won't fix the situation. Helmut Marko is the most experienced figure in the F1 scene, and his comments often provoke reactions.

"Norris's behaviour on the radio was pathetic." Marko told Osterreich newspaper, as quoted by grand prix.

"His comments that Max should apologise are also not very helpful. But they will meet to talk things out."

Lando Norris
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Helmut Marko is a man who has been building his name on the F1 scene for years, and his passion and love for wrestling are hard to describe. Interestingly, Marko always defends his drivers, but sometimes he is ready to openly criticize them, which shows that Helmut has a specific attitude, he is not afraid to reveal his opinion publicly.

He is a specific character and a person who attracts enormous attention.

These two great drivers usually fly together, but this time things were completely different. It seems Norris still feels anger and frustration over everything that happened, believing he had good chances to be at the top. Verstappen's driving style came to the forefront again, and Norris had no choice in those moments. Marko stresses such things are quite common in the F1 scene, considering Norris may have overreacted. After the race, the Briton was clear and precise, blaming Verstappen for the situation on the track.

"They usually fly together, but this time they were travelling separately. So Max had a quiet return flight.

Things like this happen, and I would write it off as a racing accident - although Norris was the more likely one to have overstepped the mark."- he continued.

Helmut Marko on Lando Norris' inexperience 

Helmut Marko believes Norris' inexperience was evident on the F1 tracks. Despite everything that happened, the 81-year-old announces an upgrade for Silverstone, hoping it will ease their work and be a big step towards the top. He does not doubt that his team can win the championship, emphasizing that the Austrian GP was an important race on that path.  Red Bull wanted much more on home soil, but they can be satisfied.

The Red Bull team advisor believes that unity is the guarantee of success and wants everyone to join forces on this journey. 

Max Verstappen will not be able to achieve his goal unless Red Bull provides a car with which he can truly do so. After recent rumors circulated about the Dutchman's future, Marko stresses that if Max has all the necessary conditions for success, there is no doubt he will honor his contract and remain part of the team.

Mercedes and Max Verstappen

Mercedes is mentioned as one of the teams that could spoil Red Bull's plans and lure Verstappen to be part of this team. Helmut Marko is tired of the rumors, and he reacted to the question about whether Verstappen would choose Mercedes if they offered him a better car.

"If, if, if. At the moment, that is not the case."- Marko said.

This kind of reaction seems to say that the leaders of Red Bull cannot claim with certainty that the Dutchman will not leave the team. Verstappen is a driver hungry for success and great results, but if he really doesn't have a car in the next few years with which he can find himself at the very top, the question arises as to whether he will remain a part of this team.

The 26-year-old does not want to waste time in a team that does not guarantee him the top spot. For now, he can be happy, considering that the Austrian team fulfills the conditions for success, although this season they had a few problems that they need to work on.

Verstappen pointed out that he sees a future in the Austrian team, but we know that every possibility is real on the F1 scene. This is also the reason why we should wait patiently and see how things will unfold in the coming weeks.

Toto Wolff will certainly not give up on Max Verstappen lightly.

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