Norris on Verstappen after the Austrian GP: He seemed like a little bit desperate

"There's rules for what you're not allowed to do and you're allowed to do."

by Sead Dedovic
Norris on Verstappen after the Austrian GP: He seemed like a little bit desperate
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Lando Norris has the right to be disappointed after the last race in which he had great chances to get a positive result, but unfortunately, the contact he had with Max Verstappen in the final parts of the race dashed his hopes. At one point, Norris decided to 'attack' Verstappen, feeling that the Dutchman was moving to the right, but in fact, Verstappen moved to the left shortly after that. 

Verstappen received a 10-second penalty, while Norris could not continue the race after the damage he sustained. The Brit pointed out after the race that it was necessary to respect the rules, which Max obviously did not do. Lando believes that Verstappen did things that were not allowed, considering that Verstappen had no limits.

"There's rules for what you're not allowed to do and you're allowed to do.

He was doing things you're not allowed to do and not getting penalised. I expect a tough battle against Max. I know what to expect. I expect aggression and pushing the limits and that kind of thing."- Lando Norris said, as quoted by Motor Sport.

The Briton is especially frustrated because Max Verstappen made many moves that could have led to the incident.

"All three times he's doing stuff which can easily cause an incident. And in a way just a bit reckless – he seemed like a little bit desperate from his side."

Max Verstappen wins Spanish GP
Max Verstappen wins Spanish GP© Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images Sport

Norris stressed that Verstappen is a driver who has a rich career and many victories behind him. Being desperate is not something he needs, the Brit pointed out. Although he was not surprised by the behavior of Verstappen, he expected that he would at least be respectful in some way and that he would not behave in such a way. Verstappen once again showed that he is hungry for success, ready to make various moves to stay at the top.

"Doesn't need to be, he's got plenty of wins. But a bit desperate to do what he could to not let me pass and I know it's going to be aggressive.

So like I'm in a way not surprised, but I just expected a tough, fair, respectful on the edge bit of racing and I don't feel like that's what I got him into."- Norris continued.

Lando Norris looked back on his driving against Verstappen, believing that there is nothing to change about his driving style. He believes that he had no other options, given that he was on the edge of the track. The younger driver has respect for Verstappen, but he also pointed out that Verstappen has always been like that, and that sometimes there are no limits when it comes to driving. 

The Dutchman overdid it this time too, at least judging by the reactions of many, but he doesn't seem to care much about it. The most important thing for him is to stay on top, score points, and take the lead week after week. So far he is doing well.

Although you can always expect such things in the F1 scene, finishing the race in such a way is always a disappointing fact. Norris is someone who has been fighting with Verstappen since the beginning of the season and is the closest to him, but these situations make his job much more difficult. 

George Russell worried about the car

The Brit points out that Verstappen ruined things for him, destroying his car. McLaren could have a much more difficult task in the rest of the season. 

In addition to the fact that Verstappen ruined Norris's plans in the Austrian GP, ​​he also left a big mark on his psyche, considering that Norris will have this situation in his head from race to race. 

The Briton is aware that his team does not have much space in the fight with Red Bull when it comes to upgrades and the budget cap. In the following, he stressed that his car was destroyed, with parts that they need in the coming weeks. 

This race could be the turning point of the season for McLaren, as they will have a challenging task to recover from this and get back into the race for the championship. It seems that Verstappen knew what he could achieve in the race in Austria. The question is, on the other hand, whether the Dutchman will lose the sympathy of the fans by such actions, or whether some do not blame him for this incident. In any case, Red Bull are the leaders, which is the most important thing for them.

"It's not just a repercussion of what happens on the track, it's everything that we have to carry in Silverstone and be disadvantaged by. I just expected a bit more from him."