Max Verstappen's and Horner's statements do not give optimism that Max will stay

“It does appear that Mercedes are hanging around, waiting to see what happens with Verstappen at Red Bull.“

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen's and Horner's statements do not give optimism that Max will stay
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Max Verstappen's future is in question, as there is increasing talk about the Dutchman and Mercedes. Although the 26-year-old has often stated that he sees his future with the Austrian team, statements from Toto Wolff, as well as reactions from Horner, suggest that things could potentially change in the near future. 

Verstappen is a topic among journalists, reporters, and fans of the sport. Martin Brundle is one of those who decided to react to the rumors regarding Verstappen, believing that Mercedes is closely monitoring the situation to understand what might happen. He thinks it will be interesting to see how the situation develops in the coming period.

“The plot thickens.

It does appear that Mercedes are hanging around, waiting to see what happens with Verstappen at Red Bull.

Whether that’s for 2025 or 2026, time will tell.

There is, apparently, a signed letter which is an exit clause with Helmut Marko, allegedly, according to the paddock, should Max want to leave.“- Brundle said, as quoted by Crash.

Martin Brundle
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In recent days, it has been seen that the Red Bull team principal and the Mercedes boss are making statements in the media discussing Verstappen's future. Horner is convinced that the Dutchman will remain part of the team in the coming period, while Wolff claims that nothing can be guaranteed with 100 percent certainty. Brundle commented on Horner's statements and seems not very optimistic about Max Verstappen's statements, which mostly confirm that he is bound by a long-term contract with the team. 

Martin is skeptical, considering that Horner mainly emphasizes that Max is doing great things, winning podiums and championships, as if avoiding the topic of Verstappen's future. He believes that something is happening, regardless of the statements from Red Bull's leaders.

Naomi Schiff reacted to Max's insistence that he would stay by mentioning that he didn't seem to say yes with a lot of joy or confidence. She observed that there was some hesitation in his response, which in itself raises the question of why he doesn't emphatically say, "Yes, absolutely, I am staying with the team next year."

Max Verstappen and his mentality

The great Dutchman is someone who has always been hungry for success on the big stage. Although he has achieved his goals and is well on his way to breaking many records, the question arises whether Verstappen is eager for a new challenge. Red Bull is the team that provided him with a base for success, they gave him a chance to win the championship, and they strongly want him to stay in the team. Verstappen, on the other hand, potentially wants to follow the steps of colleagues written in golden letters in the history of this sport, who changed teams, with the aim of progressing.

Many fans resent Verstappen, believing that he has a car that anyone can dominate. It seems that he convinced everyone in his qualities this season, given that Red Bull's car is far from ideal, but they still manage to stay at the top and win.

Maybe comments like this will motivate him to go to another team and show that regardless of everything, he is ready to demonstrate his class and establish dominance.

It is still difficult to give a specific comment and to know if he will change the team, but it must be admitted that Brundle and his comments make sense. It appears that the leaders of Red Bull do not for a single moment say with certainty that Max will stay. This raises various questions, especially when we consider Wolff's statements.

His departure would be a great loss for the Austrian team, and a huge step for Mercedes, once Red Bull's biggest rival.

Max Verstappen on his future

During the press conference a few days ago, Verstappen pointed out that it is natural to talk about his future, but the most important thing for him is that Red Bull has a competitive car, which can achieve success in the coming period. Although things are not completely ideal for Red Bull, they are on top, and it seems that will be the case.

"I think I've said this before. I mean, naturally, of course, people are talking. But it's most important just that we have a very competitive car for the future.

At the moment, of course, it's very tight, but we are working very well as a team to try and improve more."-Verstappen said.

In the end, the Dutchman confirmed that he is focused on the next year, with the desire to be competitive. Max never wants to stop at one success, as he is hungry for much more.

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