That’s just stupid’: Wolff hits back at Christian Horner’s press conference claims

The war between Red Bull and Mercedes seems like it will never end.

by Sead Dedovic
That’s just stupid’: Wolff hits back at Christian Horner’s press conference claims
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The talk about Max Verstappen's future and his next destination continues. Many are wondering where the great Dutchman will continue his career, even though he has repeatedly stated that he is happy with the Austrian team. This, however, has not stopped the speculations, especially those about Verstappen possibly moving to Mercedes, Red Bull's former biggest rival. 

These rumors have been mostly fueled by Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, who has admitted many times that he is interested in Verstappen, emphasizing that he would be a great addition to the team. Lewis Hamilton's departure has raised many questions, including this one about Max Verstappen's future. 

At a press conference a few days ago, the 26-year-old driver was asked about his future in F1, confirming that he will be a Red Bull driver next season. Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, stresses there is too much noise regarding Verstappen, thinking that someone wants to create a distraction within the team.

“Obviously a lot of noise has been made about him going elsewhere and sometimes one just thinks that’s a distraction tactic that’s just thrown in.“- Toto Wolff said, as quoted by Planet F1.

The Red Bull boss is trying to understand what is behind everything, knowing that his team is doing well, and expecting that some want to destroy the positive atmosphere within the team. He believes that the main reason in this story is Lewis Hamilton, whose departure started the stories about the domino effect. Many drivers are associated with Mercedes, and one of them is Carlos Sainz, currently a Ferrari driver.

“You have to question what are the motives obviously behind that and the driver that’s created all the movement in the market had all the information about the engines and 2026 regulations and so on and chose to leave and left a vacancy at Mercedes, which is why there has now been obviously a little bit of speculation as to who will fill that seat, but it won’t be Max Verstappen.”- Horner said.

Christian Horner
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A few days ago, Toto Wolff showed cunning again in an interview with OE24, after reporters revealed to him that Verstappen confirmed that he will remain part of Red Bull. The Mercedes boss pointed out that the Dutchman probably did not clearly say YES.

“Did he really say that? I don’t think he clearly said yes. But I wasn’t there.”- he said.

Christian Horner reacts to Wolff's statements

During the press conference, Christian Horner responded to Toto Wolff's comments, emphasizing that such questions should be directed at Toto. The Red Bull team principal highlighted that Verstappen has clearly expressed his thoughts and has always been loyal and dedicated to the team. Horner stresses that Wolff is trying to play games and create distractions. Horner amused many when he concluded his speech by saying that if Wolff wants Verstappen next season, Jos (Verstappen) might potentially be available.

Toto Wolff addressed Horner's comments, considering them stupid and pointless.

“I didn’t hear that at all. That’s just stupid. He’s talking nonsense.”-Toto Wolff said.

Toto Wolff put an accent on Horner's comments that Mercedes can only have Jos next season. Mercedes boss believes that this is not a bad option either.

Wolff admits that Mercedes needs to focus on improving their car's performance to attract top drivers. He explains that if Mercedes has a fast car, talented drivers will naturally want to join the team. Currently, however, the team must make improvements to become a desirable option for drivers like Max Verstappen, as their current speed isn't competitive enough.

Mercedes vs Red Bull

The statements from the two Red Bull leaders hint at the deep animosity between Mercedes and Red Bull. Observing their clashes over the past seasons, it’s evident that this animosity will persist, even though Mercedes is currently not competitive and struggles to keep up with Red Bull's pace. 

Everything that has happened over the years has created negative energy between these two teams, and it’s clear that the Mercedes leaders are trying to provoke the Red Bull leaders. 

Max Verstappen is certainly the main figure on the F1 scene, a person who attracts a lot of attention. Wolff has admitted that he would like to have the Dutchman on his team, just like any other team leader in F1. Verstappen demonstrates season after season why there is so much hype around him and why he is such an important name in the world of F1.

The continuation of the season could reveal many dilemmas, but it seems that Verstappen will remain part of the team, given that Red Bull is the team that gave him a lot, and where he made the greatest successes.

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