Fernando Alonso: Time to work harder, to talk less, to deliver more

Alonso is looking forward to future races but stresses that despite many upgrades to the car, the results have not been as expected.

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso: Time to work harder, to talk less, to deliver more
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Fernando Alonso had a disappointing performance in Spain and was disappointed afterward. The experienced F1 driver, who had a brilliant last season with Aston Martin, was equally motivated to achieve success this season, but it seems he will have a tougher task. 

The Spaniard finished fourth last year, positively surprising everyone and leaving a huge mark. 

This season is a completely different story for him. 

Alonso is currently 9th in the overall standings, and it is questionable whether he can make progress in the strong competition this year. Since his team finished the race in Spain without a single point, Alonso emphasized that he is disappointed. However, he believes his team deserved it because they didn't have the necessary pace all week.

“I am a little bit disappointed because we didn't score any point. We deserved not to score any point because we didn't have the pace the whole weekend.“- Fernando Alonso said, as quoted by Crash.

The Spaniard admitted having a difficult task when it came to the race, highlighting two main problems. He stresses it is necessary to take certain steps and make changes through which his team would finally move in the right direction. Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes look much better than Aston Martin, and Stroll and Alonso, just like the whole team, have to work together on problems, trying to fix things.

“In the race, it was extremely difficult. When you slide so much in the corners, also you kill the tyres. So you have two problems.

You don't have the pace, plus you have a lot of degradation. So all in all, it has been a very long race for us. We need to get better for us.”-he continued.

Fernando Alonso
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The 42-year-old driver is frustrated, but he points out that it is too late now to think about what could have looked different, and what other moves they could have made. You can feel the pessimism in his words when it comes to the next challenges because what we have seen so far cannot possibly awaken even a hint of optimism.

"It is frustrating but there's nothing you can do now so you start thinking in Austria immediately when you see the chequered flag and what you can do differently,”- he continued.

The 42-year-old driver believes that the race in Austria will bring the same challenges, and things could be painful for them. Alonso points out that the track in Austria has characteristics similar to Barcelona, with long corners, which is a complicating factor for his team. Alonso expects a tough weekend both there and at Silverstone. The interesting message Alonso ultimately sent was, emphasizing: "Time to work harder, to talk less, to deliver more." This is the premise on which his team will approach the upcoming races.

Alonso is looking forward to future races but stresses that despite many upgrades to the car, the results have not been as expected. He emphasizes the need for any new upgrades to deliver the expected improvements, striving for consistent progress. He stresses the importance of working hard and improving with each race, without making too many promises or talking overly about potential outcomes.

The Spanish driver certainly has the potential to achieve great things, but it is essential to have a car capable of making such a massive step. Fernando will sit down with the team's leaders in the coming period to determine where the main problem lies. This will be the first step, after which they will have to consider other actions. Aston Martin showed last season that they are an amazing team capable of achieving great results, but this season things are clearly not going as planned. Stroll and Alonso express their frustrations week after week, and the last race was the final straw.

Mike Krack reacts

McLaren boss, Mike Krack, could not be happy with his team's performance in the last race. Frustrations are growing by the day, and the race in Spain only deepened the anxiety within this team.

Mike Krack
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Talking about their performance after the Spanish GP, Krack emphasized the challenging character of the Barcelona track, stating, "Barcelona reveals our current standing. It's unforgiving, and today's race underscored that. We need to put in the hard work to address our issues."

He pointed out the intense schedule ahead with five races in six weeks and highlighted their learnings from previous races like Monaco, Imola, and Canada, where they managed to score 14 points with the same car. The focus now is on managing these issues and making required improvements.

Aston Martin could and should make some changes if they really want to get their rhythm and form back.

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