Damon Hill on Sergio Perez: Disastrous, he's nowhere near up to speed

“He’s in the best car, next to McLaren. But he’s not able to match Max which, now, means four or five grid places.“

by Sead Dedovic
Damon Hill on Sergio Perez: Disastrous, he's nowhere near up to speed
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Sergio Perez and his performances cannot make Red Bull's leaders happy, considering that the Mexican driver has been far from his true form in the last few races. The 34-year-old F1 driver recently extended his contract with Red Bull, although there was loud talk before that Red Bull would make some other moves. 

Damon Hill, a former F1 champion, believes that it is difficult to give a true assessment of Perez and his performances, given that he has the best car but fails to catch the rhythm of many, especially Verstappen. His teammate, Max Verstappen, seems to be far ahead of the competition, and if he continues the same in the upcoming races, he could again settle the championship question earlier.

“It’s difficult to understand,” Damon Hill said on Sky Sports, as quoted by Crash.

“He’s in the best car, next to McLaren.

But he’s not able to match Max which, now, means four or five grid places.“

Damon Hill
Damon Hill© Phil Inglis / Getty Images Sport

Red Bull's leaders have previously stated that their intention is to have a driver alongside Verstappen who can keep up with the Dutchman's pace and at least come close to him. Perez is once again failing to match Verstappen's pace and is currently far from him. Hill stresses that the ambitions Red Bull has are not in line with what the Mexican is showing. Sergio must change something in the upcoming races if he wants to get closer to his teammate. This will be difficult, especially with the competition from McLaren and Ferrari, who are patiently waiting for an opportunity.

“It’s disastrous for Red Bull if they want to score maximum points.

Helping Max, and defending in races, he’s nowhere near being up to speed.”- he continued.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner does not understand why there is so much criticism towards Sergio Perez, given that the Mexican is still in the game, and that he can improve in the next races. In addition, Red Bull increased its lead over the others.

“If I’m not mistaken I think we extended our lead today?

We need Checo in the mix. And he knows that. And the team knows that.“- Horner said.

Red Bull's team principal pointed out that Perez was also fantastic in many races this season, but that it is important to re-create such a mindset that allows Perez to perform as he did at the beginning. The previous season was also similar for the Mexican, who was impressive at the start but experienced a fiasco in the following races. 

Although many are critical of Perez, many fans of the sport believe that the criticism of the Mexican is unfounded, as finishing second behind the great Verstappen is a huge success. 

The leaders of Red Bull obviously have high expectations, and even a second place with a huge gap behind first is not satisfactory for them. Perez can be happy that he has been trusted and will continue his adventure with the Austrian team, but he also knows that the leaders of this team can be ruthless and make unexpected moves. 

Extending the contract does not guarantee staying with the team, but we have no doubt that Perez will give his best to reduce the gap to Verstappen.

Sergio Perez reacted to his performance in Spain

Perez could not be happy after the adventure in Spain, but in the interview with the media, he still expressed optimism considering that he sees progress regarding the car. The 34-year-old Red Bull driver confirmed that they are finding the light at the end of the tunnel, but unfortunately, his final sector in Q3 lost a bit too much compared to himself. 

Perez is in a team where expectations are always huge, and he thinks they could have been much closer. There were many factors that did not work in their favor, so this great team had to accept the outcome as it was. 

Perez is happy about the positive steps towards publicity, feeling much more comfortable now. 

We will see if the Mexicans can revive the season and fulfill the expectations. This year, some teams surfaced, showing Red Bull that their dominance will potentially not last forever. Ferrari and McLaren are determined to dethrone the Austrian team, and they will have an extremely difficult task this season.

This season brought a lot of interesting circumstances and surprises that the fans did not expect. Alas, before the start of this season, everyone confidently claimed that Red Bull would easily win the championship, but things turned out to be completely different. Of course, the Austrian team is still the leader, as they have a big advantage, but last season they looked much more dominant.

Sergio Perez