Toto Wolff: I have zero respect for these conspiracy theorists; they have no brain

For weeks, the focus has been on Lewis Hamilton, with fans believing the Briton is being sabotaged.

by Sead Dedovic
 Toto Wolff: I have zero respect for these conspiracy theorists; they have no brain
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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has high expectations for the remainder of the season, and it will be interesting to see which direction Mercedes takes. The last race finally delivered what Mercedes fans wanted: having a driver on the podium. 

Lewis Hamilton showed his quality and secured third place at the Spanish GP. His teammate, George Russell, was also impressive, finishing just below him. 

The future of this team looks bright, at least at this moment. It seems Mercedes has found the key to success and the secret formula for progress. 

For weeks, the focus has been on Lewis Hamilton, with fans believing the Briton is being sabotaged. Wolff is frustrated and angry at such rumors, considering them ridiculous. In an interview with the media, he said that conspiracy theorists 'have no brains,' emphasizing that he wants a car capable of winning the championship and reaching the top.

“These conspiracy theorists, I have zero respect for, because they have no brain,” he said, as quoted by motorsportweek.

“We want a car that wins races and championships and who doesn’t get that should be watching another sport.“

Lewis Hamilton
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After the end of the season, Lewis Hamilton will turn to a new chapter in his career and continue his journey in Ferrari. Although it was already decided at the beginning of the season, Hamilton pointed out that this will not change his focus on Mercedes, and his desire for this team to succeed. Commenting on the race, Wolff is happy that Lewis had such a great weekend, considering the things that happened in the previous weeks. The Mercedes boss is happy that things have finally turned out great for the Briton and expects him to make a big step in the coming period.

“It’s good to see that he has had a great weekend, because it has been a while that he has been on the receiving end and strategy has worked against.

But today that went in his favour and so I am happy we have that podium for him because it has been a while.”- he continued.

Some believe that there is a huge rivalry between the Mercedes drivers, but also a dose of 'hate' that makes this team unable to move from the dead spot. The race in Spain showed something else, and Wolff emphasizes that the atmosphere in the team is great. Russell and Hamilton have had an excellent relationship since the first day of cooperation. Mercedes boss does not want animosity within the team, nor anyone to spoil the atmosphere. His wishes are for Mercedes to return to the podium from race to race, and once again compete for the very top.

George Russell explains his tactics

George Russell, a driver who is seen as a great hope for Mercedes, had a brilliant strategy for this race. The Briton had a rocket start that secured him the lead in the Spanish GP. Although he started the race in fourth place, his plan from the beginning was to overtake the competition. Many were reminded of Fernando Alonso's tactic from 2011 when he did the same. Russell admitted that he had thought about the strategy and analyzed how things would unfold.

"I was dreaming about it last night and what my plan of attack was going to be," Russell said, as quoted by Motor Sport.

"I saw the weather forecast and the wind had shifted into a head wind into Turn 1, which I knew meant I could brake really late and deep into the corner."

The Brit admitted that the inspiration for such a move was Fernando Alonso, who did the same in 2011. As a boy, Russell watched the great moves of Alonso and admired his qualities. He wanted to do the same one day, and now he had a great opportunity to do it. The young Briton had someone to learn such things from, and he profited from such a move. In the end, Russell was able to win, but certainly, this result can be satisfactory for him and his team.

"When I was racing karts I always remembered watching Fernando in 2011 starting from P4 and getting into the lead. I knew it was possible."- George Russell said.

He revealed that he did four laps to the grid, braking as late as possible on each lap to understand the limit. By evaluating the strength of the wind and the car's capabilities, he determined that the risk was calculated and possible. Successfully executing this move was quite satisfying for him.

Mercedes leaders hope for even greater success from this great driver. We will see how much George can do in the rest of the season.

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