Max Verstappen reveals what Red Bull has lost in F1 2024 battle

“We really tried to maximise everything, but I do think that we’re struggling a bit.“

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen reveals what Red Bull has lost in F1 2024 battle
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Max Verstappen once again confirmed his dominance, this time in Spain. The 26-year-old driver was dominant in this European country, bringing another victory for the Red Bull team. Despite fans not having high expectations for Red Bull this weekend, the Austrian team proved they have the capacity for great achievements. 

In an interview with the media, Max Verstappen expressed his happiness with the great result and another step towards winning the championship. Verstappen highlighted that his team had a great race, trying to maximize everything, but admitted that there are still some areas where they are not perfect. Although there was a threat from Lando Norris and McLaren, the Dutchman remained calm and secured this crucial victory for his team.

“I think as a, yeah, whole package performance, we had a good race,” Verstappen said, as quoted by motorsportweek.

“We really tried to maximise everything, but I do think that we’re struggling a bit for the, yeah, optimum pace, lacking a bit of tyre deg towards the end of every stint.

So it wasn’t a very straightforward, easy race. I mean, Lando was catching quite hard at the end, but luckily it worked out, yeah, that it was just enough.”

Max Verstappen emphasized that Red Bull no longer has a speed advantage over other teams when tire degradation becomes an important factor in races. In the past, the Austrian team had a significant advantage in this area, but now this edge has disappeared. Other teams, such as McLaren and Ferrari, are looking to capitalize on this.

“Also just when we had to push, we just couldn’t look after the tyres like Lando, for example, could,” he continued.

“So these kind of things are quite crucial on most of the tracks where you have a bit of deg.”

Max Verstappen clarified that the future performance in races depends on what updates and improvements the teams make to their cars. He mentioned that he cannot predict or control what other teams are currently doing. His focus is only on what his own team, Red Bull, is working on and what they plan to bring to their car.

He stated that while it is possible to speculate about potential improvements from other teams, doing so is a waste of energy. Instead, he is concentrating on optimizing his own car, discussing various aspects with the engineers, and finding solutions to stay ahead in the competition.

Red Bull will face a tough challenge in the upcoming races, and we will see how much they can achieve at this point. They are the leading team in the championship, with indications that this will remain the case in the near future. Red Bull is focused on winning the championship again, but they are aware that the task will be more difficult this year. Looking at the last two races, it seems they could once again be on top as leaders.

Helmut Marko's predictions

Helmut Marko, Red Bull advisor, had different predictions before the final race, considering Lando Norris the favorite to win. However, although Norris was close to the goal, Verstappen managed to 'snatch' the victory and achieve something great. Marko had nothing but praise for the 26-year-old, describing his performance as incredible. Verstappen extracted the maximum from the car and demonstrated that the driver plays a more crucial role than the car, despite many having downplayed Max's success for years.

"I would rate Max's performance as sublime, really incredible. He drove 66 laps at the absolute limit. The decisive factor was the start and the overtaking action on Russell. We knew we needed that action, and he did a great job."-Helmut Marko said.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko
Christian Horner and Helmut Marko© Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, is known for having huge trust in Verstappen, and who wouldn't after such superior performances? In a media interview, Horner emphasized that Max did an excellent job and that every aspect of the race was brilliant. They expected McLaren to be impressive, but they believed that Red Bull would eventually take the victory. Verstappen impressed with his skills and proved that nothing is impossible for him.

“Max drove a brilliant race today. Strategically we got it just right.

We went for an optimum race time and it paid off.

We knew the McLaren would come back with the overlap on the tyre at the end of the race.

We had just enough in hand. It was so decisive, the first lap was crucial.

The pass on George was even more important.“- Christian Horner said.

We will see what Re Bull can do in the next races. They are expected to go in the same direction.

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