Toto Wolff on the team's mistake after the last race and optimism for the future

Toto Wolff and others within the team expected that hard tires would be the right choice, but it turned out to be a mistake.

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff on the team's mistake after the last race and optimism for the future
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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff can be happy with the team's performance when it comes to the race in Spain. Although many did not have particularly high expectations from the performance of Mercedes, it turned out that this German team has the potential for great things in the rest of the season. 

The Mercedes boss could be happy, given that Lewis Hamilton finished the race in third place, while his teammate George Russell finished in fourth place. The winner of the race this time was Max Verstappen, continuing his dominance. 

Although Russell had the lead at one point, and it looked like he could go all the way, Verstappen and Norris still showed more quality. Toto Wolff believes that the wrong strategy was the main reason why Russell did not make a better result.

The Briton was boxed earlier at his second pit stop to switch over to the Hard. Wolff stresses that the team is the main culprit.

“When you look where we ended up, obviously George on the Hard was the wrong strategy,” Wolff said, as quoted by Motorsport Week.

“Clearly that goes on the team. And we had a slow stop that was three seconds.“

Toto Wolff
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Toto Wolff and others within the team expected that hard tires would be the right choice, but it turned out to be a mistake. After noticing that things were not going well for Russell, they realized that Lewis Hamilton had to take advantage of the opportunity that came his way. Hamilton, as an experienced figure of the f1 scene, managed to make a great result and reach the first podium of this season. The Briton showed that if he has a car with which he can make a breakthrough, then it is inevitable that he will do so.

“I think we were pretty convinced that the hard was the right thing to do,” he said.

“And obviously to our disadvantage we didn’t have any new [Softs] left, which gives you maybe another two laps.

George was the first one we changed and then we realised that’s not going well. Then Lewis was able to extend his stint and he was the beneficiary of the hindsight.”

Looking at the last race, the leaders of Mercedes have the right to be optimistic and believe that this team has the potential to turn things in their favor in the rest of the season. Although the German team has been leading the charge for years together with Hamilton, the recent crisis has caused pessimism among fans, who have less and less hope that Mercedes can recover. 

Wolff has been an optimist since the first day and believes that the last race shows that Mercedes is getting closer to the big teams. He stresses that there is certainly reason for optimism regarding the upcoming races and Mercedes' progress. We will see if he will succeed in that.

There are also aspects that Wolff is not happy with, but he will certainly work on them. When it comes to the future of this team and potential victory, Wolff is an optimist, highlighting that if his team manages to reduce the gap to other teams, victory could very well become a reality for this team. However, the Mercedes boss points out that it is too early to talk about anything, focusing on Montreal and what awaits him there. Many were surprised by the performance of Mercedes in the last race, even the leaders of this team.

Lewis Hamilton reacts to his podium

Lewis Hamilton was happy and smiling at the end of the race, finally feeling what it was like to be on the podium. In an interview with the media, the Brit pointed out that it is a huge thing to achieve this kind of result, after a period of crisis that caused concern and questions over his head. Hamilton thanked the team that gave him what he needed to make this result. Lewis is happy with the efforts of the team leaders and staff to take Mercedes in the right direction.

"Yes, big boost to finally get a good result.

It's been a minute since I've been up here in the race. So a huge, huge thank you to the team who have done an amazing job to… Just with all the processes through the race weekend, but particularly everyone back at the factory for working so hard the extra-long hours to bring components to the car. and we're slowly getting closer."-Lewis Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamilton
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The Mercedes driver put an accent on last season when his team was fast in this race. The last races also, he pointed out, showed some of his team's strengths. Whether this will be the beginning of something new for Mercedes remains to be seen.

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