Carlos Sainz on Ferrari's biggest problem regarding the Spanish GP

Sainz emphasized that they are still unable to resolve this issue.

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz on Ferrari's biggest problem regarding the Spanish GP
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Many F1 drivers have been facing issues recently, even Max Verstappen, who has been dominant for a long time, is complaining about problems with his car. His main competitor, Ferrari, is trying to keep up with Red Bull, aiming to reach the top, but they are not succeeding to the extent they desire. Ferrari's leaders want to exploit Red Bull's weaknesses, as Red Bull has been far from their best form lately. The Spanish Grand Prix qualifiers already highlighted Ferrari's weaknesses, which they will need to address in the coming period.

Sainz confirmed after qualifying that Ferrari is experiencing porpoising; the bouncing problems that are causing them issues. The Italian team managed to secure 5th and 6th places in qualifying, but their expectations were higher. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari's great driver, admitted that the bouncing problems in high-speed corners are a huge issue for them. In a media interview, he pointed out that they had the biggest problems in that aspect due to the bouncing phenomenon.

“No, we've been struggling all weekend with the high speed corners. We still have this bouncing phenomenon that gives us a very tough time in the high speed corners.“-he said, as quoted by Crash.

The 29-year-old driver stresses that bouncing creates huge problems for his team, which they clearly cannot solve. Sainz emphasized that they are still unable to resolve this issue, mentioning that their main rivals, McLaren and Red Bull, do not have these problems and are doing a great job. Although Ferrari's leaders intend to catch up with Red Bull and McLaren, the fact is that they are not succeeding. Frustrations are growing day by day, and this race, like the upcoming ones, could reveal some uncertainties.

“Probably this is also killing a bit of the tyre for the third sector, I don't know, still the third year of these regulations and fighting this porpoising in high speed corners when you put lateral load in the car and it's been tough all weekend to try and get rid of it.

And still we haven't managed to get rid of it and we come to this track. And you can see McLaren and Red Bull zero bouncing and I think they're doing a good job.”- Sainz continued.

Much was expected from Ferrari's recent upgrade, and it seems they have done a good job, at least judging by the words of their two drivers. Carlos Sainz stated that the upgrades have brought positive changes, although much depends on the type of track.

“Yes, they seem to be working fine. Three and a half tenths with all the upgrades that everyone is bringing. You go back to Suzuka in Japan we were three and a half tenths, half a second maybe a bit more [slower]. So it's just I think very track dependent right now for everyone.“- he said.

Sainz pointed out that Mercedes has noticeably joined the competitive mix, while McLaren’s upgrade in Miami has enabled them to close the gap with Ferrari. Looking ahead, he emphasized the constant search for performance improvements, particularly for medium to high-speed tracks where stability and ride quality play crucial roles.

The most important thing for the Italian team is that they are trying week by week to find the right solutions and move in the right direction. This season has been fantastic for them, but when you see their potential for greater achievements, ambitions grow day by day, and they become less satisfied with results that don't demonstrate their capability to win championships. Many expected Red Bull to dominate this season and repeat what happened last season. However, things are somewhat different, although the Austrian team is still leading. Fans have missed seeing such a situation where multiple teams are fighting at the top. The past season did not bring the excitement factor that fans were hoping for.

Charles Leclerc reacts

After qualifying, Charles Leclerc emphasized that the upgrades have delivered what they needed, believing they have taken a step forward. With the arrival of the new package, optimism remains high within the team. Unlike Sainz, Leclerc appears even more positive and shows strong belief in the team. He admitted that qualifying was tough for him, stressing that the car was out of balance and he faced several issues. Ultimately, he mentioned that he isn't happy with their performances, considering they had higher ambitions for the Spanish GP.

Charles Leclerc
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Leclerc will have the chance to perform for this team next season, together with Lewis Hamilton, who after many years left Meredes and is coming to help Ferrari to win the championship. We will see if I can succeed in this goal.

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