Fernando Alonso: It’s going to be painful in Spain

The Spaniard was already aware that he would face a tough challenge in Spain.

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso: It’s going to be painful in Spain
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Fernando Alonso is not happy with Aston Martin's performance in the Spanish Grand Prix qualifiers, considering he finished 11th but will start 10th due to Sergio Perez's grid penalty. Additionally, his teammate did not particularly impress, finishing 14th. There are already question marks regarding the main race and the performance of Alonso and his teammate. 

Fernando Alonso's former team, Alpine, finished ahead of them. The Spaniard responded to a reporter's question about whether he was concerned about this. The 42-year-old driver did not seem particularly worried, pointing out that they had already been ahead of them before. It is clear that Alpine has made huge progress as a team, as their recent performances indicate.

“Alpine was in front of us in Monaco, was very close in Canada, here they are just half a tenth in front so they are getting better and we are getting worse probably!

So a combination of the two is not great. But you know I think many times we have some things in the pipeline that should put us back in the right direction.“- Fernando Alonso said, as quoted by Crash.

The Spaniard was already aware that he would face a tough challenge in Spain and was potentially prepared for such a development. Moreover, Alonso had previously warned about the danger of certain races. The competition this season in F1 is immense, with many teams making progress and improving day by day. No team wants to sit idly by and watch others progress while they fall behind. Aston Martin will also need to make some changes if they want to remain competitive with the top teams.

“It’s going to be painful here, it’s going to be painful in Austria, in Silverstone.

We have to keep scoring points if it’s eighth, if it’s seventh, ninth, whatever, we cannot give up and stay positive in these tough times.”- Fernando Alonso continued.

Fernando Alonso
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The 42-year-old is optimistic that things will start to move in a different direction in the near future. Fernando hopes that progress will be evident before the summer break. He hasn't forgotten to reflect on last season and the changes and variations among the teams in F1. Although many expected Red Bull to have an easy time this season, just like the previous one, it turns out that the Austrian team will face many challenges in the coming period.

“Hopefully before summer break. But I think there is a lot of understanding in the team about what went right, what went wrong.

Not only this year, I think the second part of last year and this year, I think as all the teams we are getting more and more extreme with development.“- he continued.

A man with a rich career behind him and no intention of retiring, he emphasizes that cars are more critical to drive. However, the leaders of this team have clearly understood some things, and progress could be felt in the near future, or so Alonso believes.

Alonso explained his Saturday in Barcelona by stressing that the competition would be very close on this type of track. He anticipates that Austria will be even more extreme, with very tight timing. Despite the challenge, he expressed satisfaction with the result, even though it was difficult to admit in front of his home crowd.

Alonso is one of the most special sports figures in Spain, and fans hungrily awaited his return. The 42-year-old decided a few years ago to come back to the big stage, fulfilling the wishes and expectations of motorsport fans not only in Spain but around the world. Fernando has a special motivation to perform well when competing on home soil.

Before qualifying, the team had somewhat pessimistic predictions, which led them to use three sets of tires in Q1, indicating a lack of confidence. Overall, starting in 10th place due to Perez's penalty is a good result, and he is hopeful that they are just one position away from the points for the main race.

Fernando Alonso on setup

Alonso commented on the setup for Sunday's race, emphasizing that they tested different setups in the previous days to determine the best option for the race. The most important thing for him is that his team increasingly understands the car's package and has a clear plan. Their intention now is to achieve a better result, and Alonso is optimistic that they can indeed succeed in their goals. He calls for relaxation and patience, believing that they need to focus on the present and trust that they can achieve a good result.

We will see if Aston Martin can do great things together with Alonso.

Fernando Alonso