Lando Norris: Max Verstappen shouldn't have won, yet he still won the race

Norris is impressed with Verstappen, emphasizing that even when he doesn't have the best car, Max demonstrates why he is so superior.

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris: Max Verstappen shouldn't have won, yet he still won the race
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It is difficult to draw a definitive conclusion and predict what the future holds for Max Verstappen, but judging by everything so far, the Dutchman could continue the dominance he has shown up to now. A few poor races this season have caused mixed reactions, and fans were in doubt whether Red Bull is experiencing a decline or if it was mere coincidence. 

The victory in Canada likely silenced the criticisms and doubts, but even that performance was not ideal. 

Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc are patiently waiting for their chance, ready to dethrone the Dutchman. They have set that as their primary goal. 

The last race was interesting for McLaren. Namely, the appearance of the safety car disrupted the plans for this team, and Max Verstappen took advantage of the entire situation to claim victory. 

In a conversation with the media, Lando Norris reflected on the last race and the safety car, considering that his team should have pitted. 

Norris emphasizes that he lost the chance for victory due to losing the lead. The young Briton believed he had a great chance especially as they had the quickest car, which promised a huge step forward. However, the mistakes they made had a huge impact on the continuation of the race.

"If you think of the safety car, from our side, we should have boxed. We lost the lead, and I lost an opportunity to fight for the win.

George [Russell] had the quickest car, [he] drove extremely well all weekend, from an outright pace point of view. And if he hadn't made a couple of mistakes - which all drivers do, including Max - probably [he] would have had a chance of winning the race."-said Norris, as quoted by Racing News 365.

Norris is also impressed with Verstappen, emphasizing that even when he doesn't have the best car, Max demonstrates why he is so superior. His qualities have surfaced many times before. The Dutchman has shown that there are no obstacles for him, and even when his car isn't ideal, he manages to get the maximum out of it. This was probably necessary for F1 fans to understand that the Dutchman is a quality driver, regardless of the car.

"So from that perspective, Max shouldn't have won, yet he still won the race, which just shows that even when he hasn't had the best car and things like that, he still shows what he's capable of doing."- he continued.

Max Verstappen
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The young Briton confirmed that he always knew the car wasn't the primary and most important factor for success. He emphasizes the necessity of having the right strategy, correcting small things, and making important steps for the future. Although McLaren has a good car, Norris is someone who always wants to improve and take steps towards a brighter future. The question is whether McLaren can fight for the championship, but we will see what the season holds.

Looking at the current course of the championship, the main rival for McLaren certainly seems to be Red Bull, a team that is unrivaled on the F1 scene. The Austrian team is a dominant force season after season, but the fact that they have Max Verstappen on their roster makes the job harder for everyone. Judging by the statements of F1 drivers, there seems to be a degree of fear when it comes to this driver, considering how dominant he is.

Lando Norris on Max Verstappen's superiority

Norris explained that over the past three to four years, Max Verstappen has often been able to win easily despite making mistakes, and the team could also make mistakes and still secure victories.  This is what causes the fear factor in the opponent. Even when Red Bull has many problems, they still manage to achieve the goal.

He pointed out that, for instance, Verstappen probably shouldn't have won in Montreal. However, he was the most consistent throughout the race. Both the team and Verstappen made the fewest mistakes, which eventually led him to come out on top.

The continuation of the season could resolve some uncertainties, especially in the next three races. We might be able to draw some conclusions about what to expect. We'll see if that will be the case, but the most important thing for us is to watch exciting races and hope for the best. The season has been thrilling so far, with many names rising to the top. Norris and Leclerc are patiently waiting, hoping that Red Bull might experience a decline in the upcoming period.

Verstappen, on the other hand, is firmly hoping that he can replicate the success he made.

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