Eddie Jordan: If I were Christian Horner, I wouldn't allow Verstappen such activities

Eddie Jordan, a former F1 boss, shared his opinion about Verstappen and his activities outside of F1 during the Formula For Success Podcast.

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Jordan: If I were Christian Horner, I wouldn't allow Verstappen such activities
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Max Verstappen leads the way on the F1 scene, although the last few races before Canada were not ideal for the Dutchman. The 26-year-old, however, managed to recover from everything and demonstrated in the last race that he is a driver worthy of praise and someone who could win the championship again. 

Verstappen is known as a racing and work fanatic. There has never been any doubt about his dedication to his work, given that he always seemed to give his maximum, even when things were already settled. His winning mentality was instilled in him from a young age by his father, Jos Verstappen, and Max has continued the family tradition.

Besides his career as an F1 driver, Verstappen even competes in online events. 

Eddie Jordan, a former F1 boss, shared his opinion about Verstappen and his activities outside of F1 during the Formula For Success Podcast. Jordan bases his opinion on the fact that despite earning enormous money at Red Bull, there are many reasons why Verstappen should not be doing these activities. Jordan admitted that if he were the team principal of this team, things would look much different, considering he would not allow this great driver to have such activities outside his career as a Red Bull driver.

Max Verstappen
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David Coulthard confirmed that the Dutchman did a four-hour racing stint the night before the Emilia Romagna GP. Jordan had an interesting comment on this, stating that he would not allow it if he were the boss. Eddie believes that Verstappen should show loyalty to the team and be aware that he is paid to promote and represent the team.

Jordan also bases his opinion on the fact that it is difficult to maintain focus and concentration on one thing, considering that he had problems of that nature.

“I wouldn’t have allowed it if I had been the boss.

If I’d been Christian [Horner] I’d have said, ‘I’m sorry Max [Verstappen], you’re here, you’re being paid this kind of money to represent the sponsors, the team, everybody associated with the suppliers etc.’

And I think it’s very hard to have total concentration, certainly I know this from myself because I don’t have that.“- Jordan said, as quoted by F1oversteer.

Eddie Jordan: He’s in a different league, isn’t he?

The 76-year-old still believes that Verstappen maintains his focus, given that he is a driver who significantly stands out from the others. Jordan is aware of the Dutchman's quality, which he has demonstrated over the years, being spoken of only in superlatives. No matter how frustrated Jordan might be with Verstappen and his actions, he seems to be satisfied with the Dutchman and the way he races.

“But Max must be a different kind of makeup and I’m seeing the focus that he’s got like we talked about.

He’s in a different league, isn’t he? You never had any doubt that he was going to win that race, he’s an immense character.”- he concluded.

Eddie Jordan
Eddie Jordan© Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Sport

Looking at this season's events, it must be acknowledged that Verstappen is far from the Dutchman we were used to watching last year. It must also be recognized that he set the bar very high last year, and it was difficult to expect him to repeat the same performance. However, Verstappen has been in immense danger in several races this season, and some races have cost him victories. 

Max has had problems with the car week after week, yet despite everything, he manages to get the maximum out of the car, ready to repeat the success of previous years. This will not be an easy task considering the progress of McLaren and Ferrari. It is essential for Red Bull's leaders to show faith in this brilliant driver and try to resolve the issues that arise week after week.

There are still many races left until the end of the season, and Verstappen is currently leading, with Leclerc and Norris waiting for their chance and his mistakes. Both teams are optimistic that Red Bull could experience a downturn in the upcoming period, ready to capitalize on such momentum. The Austrian team is aware that they need to work harder than ever if they want to further distance themselves from the main competitors and stay at the top. Their ambitions also include having Sergio Perez right behind Verstappen. The Mexican has not been shining in some of the recent races, so it is necessary for him to change something.

All in all, we are in for an exciting continuation of the season, with interesting predictions from fans, experts, and journalists. Most believe that Max will once again finish on the throne as the winner in the 2024 season.

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