Sergio Perez highlights Max Verstappen's influence in contract renewal

"I love having that challenge of being Max's teammate."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez highlights Max Verstappen's influence in contract renewal
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The news that Sergio Perez extended his contract with Red Bull has produced mixed reactions. Red Bull's leaders were not particularly happy with Perez's performances, even though he finished the season second, behind his teammate Max Verstappen. Nevertheless, he is a driver of well-known qualities who can help the Austrian team in the future.

This season started much better for him, but it seems that last year's scenario might repeat, where Perez experienced a decline as the season progressed. 

In a media interview, the Mexican driver emphasized that his ambitions have always been to remain a part of Red Bull, considering it a team with a great future. Perez is happy that the team leaders have shown confidence in his abilities, believing that he is the best option for the future.

"I had a few options outside this team, but my aspiration was to continue with this team," Perez said, as quoted by Racing News 365

"I am very happy. I love working with this group of mechanics and engineers. Everyone works really hard and gives their all. 

I am super happy to continue my journey with this team and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me. 

I would really like to end my career with this team."

Sergio Perez is particularly happy to have Max Verstappen as a teammate. The 26-year-old Dutchman has been achieving great things in recent years and is currently leading in the overall standings with 194 points, while Charles Leclerc follows with 138 points. Sergio Perez highlighted that he is happy to have the opportunity to be Verstappen's teammate. Having such a driver by his side gives him motivation for success. The Mexican also mentioned the significant difference between being part of Red Bull and being in another team.

"I love having that challenge of being Max's teammate. That has made me want to keep going, precisely because it is such a challenge. It makes you keep learning and keep growing," said Perez.

Sergio Perez
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Being part of such a team carries a special level of pressure that you have to handle, and it can sometimes be very difficult to stay calm in those situations. Additionally, it is a team that always strives to be at the top, and if you fail to be among the top positions in a few races, your future is uncertain. Perez has mentioned many times how challenging it is to be part of the Austrian team, given that you always have to deliver great performances.

"You've also seen with other drivers how tough it is. Red Bull is different from any other team in that respect. 

Mentally it takes everything out of you and you also have to be very strong in your shoes to be able to deal with the pressure within this team."- he continued.

The 34-year-old talked about the mental aspect, emphasizing that you have to be mentally strong to handle the pressure when you're part of this team. Perez has faced many problems in previous seasons, always having question marks over his future. It's not easy to be part of a team when you're aware that your future is uncertain. Now that things have been resolved, Perez feels much more secure and better.

Perez explained that having Verstappen as a teammate adds to the pressure because Verstappen sets a high standard with his performance. Perez stressed that Verstappen's synergy with the car is amazing. He mentioned that being in a different team with another teammate would be a different experience, but he loves the challenge of competing alongside someone of Verstappen's caliber.

Sergio Perez's new contract and his career

Sergio Perez has signed a 1+1 contract with Red Bull, which means he will remain part of the team in 2025 and potentially in 2026.

Sergio Perez joined Red Bull in December 2020, ahead of the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Before joining Red Bull, Sergio Perez raced for several other teams in Formula 1. He began his F1 career with Sauber in 2011, then moved to McLaren for the 2013 season. After a single season with McLaren, he joined Force India (which later became Racing Point) from 2014 to 2020.

Red Bull's leaders recognized his qualities and gave him a great opportunity to develop. It is clear that the Mexican driver possesses the skills and is ready for great things, and we have no doubt that he will achieve better results in the coming weeks. Helmut Marko and Christian Horner have been known to be harsh towards him, making statements that showed no mercy towards the Mexican driver. However, it seems that all of this had a motivating factor, as they knew that Perez had the potential for significantly better results.

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