Toto Wolff is not happy with the proposals from the FIA

FIA single-seater director Nikolas Tombazis is open to 2026 F1 power unit regulations change.

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff is not happy with the proposals from the FIA
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There's much talk in F1 circles about changes regarding the 2026 F1 power unit regulations. The question arises as to whether this will indeed become a reality. FIA single-seater director Nikolas Tombazis emphasized that an agreement can only be reached if all six engine manufacturers agree to such an option: Renault, Honda, Audi, Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari. 

Tombazis is optimistic about the future and believes it would be great if all these teams agreed to it and were open to changes. 

A few days after his statement, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff decided to share his opinion on the matter of power units. Wolff believes that the regulations have already been decided and that F1 teams and leadership should stick to what has been decided. Wolff is someone who does not want to change things at this moment.

"The regulations have been decided on the power unit side, I think that's pretty clear," said Wolff, as quoted by Racing News 365.

"I think there is a governance in place, and if you adhere to the governance that, for me, is the most important."

Toto Wolff is someone who does not want to see a scenario that would ease the path for some teams and potentially open doors for success in the future. Wolff stresses it's natural for some teams to encounter difficulties and that such matters should not be interfered with or changed. Despite Mercedes not being great this season, Wolff remains optimistic that the future could bring a different scenario for him.

"On the power unit side, that ship has sailed. There are teams that feel they are on the backfoot, and there other teams, the OEMs, that will feel they have done a good job.

That's the normal kind of wrestling with the regulations."- he continued.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff© Bryn Lennon/Getty Images Sport

Wolff has also emphasized chassis regulations and the outcome regarding that could be quite different. Wolff believes that the right decision could be made in discussions with the FIA, given that the FIA and other teams are aware of the need to optimize the regulations to have a more competitive F1 and better car performance. Wolff is open to discussions and expects a positive outcome.

The question is how such changes will affect Mercedes and whether they will be a boost for this great team. Wolff expects a somewhat brighter future for a team that just a few seasons ago dominated the F1 scene. A lot has changed in a short time. The German team must recognize its weaknesses and shortcomings and work on them in the upcoming period. Wolff will certainly be a key figure in their return to the top. 

Toto Wolff on the options for the next season

The next season could take on a different dimension as Mercedes considers who could be their second driver alongside George Russell. As you already know, the same names are mentioned week after week. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari's driver who will leave the Italian team after this season, has been mentioned as one of the candidates for a seat at Mercedes. In a media interview, Wolff admitted that their focus is rather on younger drivers like Kimi Antonelli (17). The Mercedes boss confirmed that this is what he also told Sainz, who needs to consider his future in another team.

“We just want to concentrate on Kimi, that is our future, young drivers,” Wolff told Sky Germany, as quoted by motorsportweek.

“We want to commit to that, to young drivers and that is what we’ve told Carlos.”

Wolff put an accent on Carlos Sainz's achievements and noted that he deserves a competitive seat in Formula 1 due to his amazing performance. However, Wolff explained that Mercedes is currently focused on a strategic direction aimed at reinventing themselves for the future, with an emphasis on promoting younger talents like Kimi Antonelli. He clarified that while no decision has been made for next year's driver lineup, they didn't want to keep Sainz waiting indefinitely as he needs to plan his future. Wolff emphasized that this approach is fair to Sainz, recognizing his impressive contributions in F1.

It will be interesting to follow the course of the season and see if Mercedes can improve their performances. Looking at their recent decisions, it seems they are now adopting a completely different philosophy from what we're used to. The German team no longer wants to repeat the same actions that haven't brought them success. Instead, they are willing to change many things within the team, and the first step towards this is promoting young talents who could lead the way on the F1 stage in the coming years.

Toto Wolff