Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur on one aspect his team must work on

The 56-year-old team principal has brought about many changes within the team since his arrival.

by Sead Dedovic
Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur on one aspect his team must work on
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Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur is the man in whom Ferrari fans place great hope, believing he is someone who can lead them to the top again. Vasseur has been part of this team for a year and a half, and his experience and qualities have already shown, as Ferrari has made huge progress this season. Their two drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, are doing great things, raising the question of whether they have the capacity to dethrone Hamilton, if not this season, then at least next season. 

Sainz won't be able to, at least not in Ferrari colors, as he is leaving the team at the end of the season. 

In a conversation with the media, Vasseur talked about Ferrari and the direction he wants his team to take. The experienced F1 figure spoke about his flaws and the advice from his wife, who wants Vasseur to be more positive.

"Probably one of my defaults, at least what my wife tells me, and I have to trust my wife, is that I'm always focused on the negative points," -Vasseur told The New York Times, as qutoed by Racing News 365.

"Probably, it's a professional aspect that I'm always trying to get the best and to improve where we are weak, and I'm not focused on what I'm doing well."

Vasseur reflected on his wife, emphasizing that it is necessary to praise colleagues and people around you when they do great things. Vasseur admits that he could change this aspect of his personality, but he believes that the most important thing is to strive for improvement in every sense. Looking at their main competitor, Red Bull, Vasseur does not want to leave things to chance, aware that they must give more than Red Bull if they want to be in their place. The Austrian team is truly a 'fear factor' for everyone. Vasseur intends to change that in the future.

"Sometimes she's telling me, 'You have to say 'good job' to someone'. It's true that I'm not the world champion for this.

I'm more focused on where we have to continue to improve, to have a better reaction, better anticipation. If we have room for improvement, it's on this and I'm focused on this."-he continued.

Fred Vasseur
Fred Vasseur© Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

Vasseur explained that as a team principal, he recognizes the need to be more positive with everyone. He mentioned that, for instance, at the end of a race, when it's time to use the radio to thank the team, he is often too focused on his own tasks and ends up missing the opportunity to express his gratitude.

The 56-year-old team principal has brought about many changes within the team since his arrival, and progress was noticeable right from the beginning of the season. Vasseur stresses it is too early to discuss what has changed the most since he arrived, but he emphasizes that patience is necessary because making a team a major contender for championships is a lengthy process. Red Bull is a team that has spent years building itself up, gathering people around them, and creating a great story led by Max Verstappen. Ferrari is a team that aims to write a similar story, but they are aware that it will be a difficult task.

"It's still early stages because in a racing team, you have two different time schedules," said Vasseur.

"You have the recruitment of people, and this is a very long process because when you are recruiting people they join 12 to 18 months later."

Frederic Vasseur on the team's weaknesses and Loïc Serra's appointment

Vasseur emphasized that it is crucial to recognize the team's weaknesses, work on them, and then engage people who can lead the team in the right direction. Ferrari's team principal stresses that this process could take longer than two years. The question is whether Ferrari fans are happy with his predictions, considering that patience will be required. Having Vasseur within the team is powerful, as his character and attitude can change many things within the team.

Regarding Ferrari's recent appointment of Loïc Serra from Mercedes as the new head of chassis performance, Vasseur explained that Serra will begin his role at the end of the year and focus on developing next year's car. Vasseur emphasized that this appointment is part of Ferrari's strategic plan for the mid-to long-term future of their Formula 1 team.

It will be interesting to follow the future of this team under Vasseur's leadership. Ferrari is a team with a rich history, having had great drivers and making huge successes. The question is whether they can rewrite history in Formula 1 once again.