Sergio Perez on Negotiations with Red Bull and the Pressure About His New Contract

"I think like every negotiation, you always have a process to go through."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez on Negotiations with Red Bull and the Pressure About His New Contract
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Sergio Perez has secured an extension to his contract with Red Bull following a highly promising start to the season. Last year, despite finishing as the runner-up in the championship, Perez encountered difficulties that led team executives to believe he could have narrowed the gap to Verstappen even further. Despite these challenges, Perez remained resolute in his ambitions and entered this season with a great ambitions.

While Perez has faced challenges in recent races and has not delivered great performances, there is optimism that he will soon regain his form. 

The decision by the Red Bull team to give Perez another opportunity has surprised some fans, especially given the number of alternative options available to them. However, Perez's experience, consistency, and potential to deliver great performances for the team were crucial in decision-making process.

As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Perez to see how he adapts and improves, aiming to maximize his contribution to Red Bull's championship aspirations alongside Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez admitted in a conversation with the media that it's not easy to wait for a team's decision, especially during the season. When you're striving for great results, the pressure from the other side can have a negative impact on you. Despite being an experienced driver, dealing with such pressure is sometimes difficult for the Mexican.

Sergio Perez can be happy with how things have turned out, and it's certain that the pressure on him will be reduced after everything. The Mexican can thank Red Bull's leadership for giving him a new opportunity, and what better way to repay them than by achieving amazing results on the F1 tracks.

"I think like every negotiation, you always have a process to go through, which is not always really nice to do it in between the races where everything is flat out," -Perez said, as quoted by Racing News 365.

So it's really nice to get this distraction for the team and for myself out of the way so that we can focus on pure performance. And I think that's the best thing for our team."- Sergio Perez continued.

Sergio Perez
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This season, Red Bull Racing has shown strong performance, yet they have not quite matched the dominant form they displayed last year. Recreating that level of success is a formidable challenge, especially considering their commanding lead in the previous season. However, fans sometimes hold onto idealized views after such exceptional seasons, which can distort perceptions.

Before the Canadian Grand Prix, many had underestimated Red Bull's capabilities. However, the Austrian team has improved and made significant steps towards maintaining their position at the top of the standings. Despite facing challenges, they have demonstrated strength and adaptability, aiming for the top spot.

Max Verstappen continues to lead the championship standings, with both Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris closely trailing behind, awaiting their chance to challenge him. Verstappen has proven adept at managing pressure, showing his maturity and composure under intense pressure, even amidst technical challenges with the car this season.

Despite occasional underestimation from critics who attribute his success only to a dominant car, Verstappen has consistently shown he's a driver of unique skill. The Dutchman consistently delivered strong performances, demonstrating his ability to extract maximum performance from the car, even when it falls short of perfection. As the season progresses, the competition remains fierce, but Verstappen's skills and talent position him as a main contender for the championship title once again.

Sergio Perez on Red Bull

Perez reflected on other teams, acknowledging their progress and emphasizing the crucial need for Red Bull to keep pace. He stresses this approach is key to Red Bull's success. While Red Bull's leadership feared that other teams might surge ahead due to their own challenges, fortunately for them, those teams also faced setbacks, allowing Red Bull to maintain their position at the top, at least for the time being.

The Mexican driver highlighted that his team remains open to changes and new strategies, expressing his enjoyment of being part of the Austrian company. Perez's ambitions include supporting Verstappen and aiming to close the gap to him in the standings. However, it's challenging to expect Perez to contend for the championship title, at least not at this moment.

"There are some great teams making a lot of progress and we've got to do the same. I think it's always great to be part of a set of regulations with the team.

When you're changing regulations and you're part of that team, you're already working on that, giving some ideas here and there, and it's something really quite nice to have, to be able to be part of that."

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