Fernando Alonso on Rumors of Max Verstappen's Early Retirement

Although Verstappen has not yet definitively decided whether he will retire early, he is aware that it will be a difficult decision for him.

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso on Rumors of Max Verstappen's Early Retirement
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Max Verstappen is thinking about early retirement, which has caused dissatisfaction among his fans. They want to see his superior driving skills and dominance for many more years. Verstappen has achieved a lot of successes in a relatively short career, making him one of the most exciting drivers in Formula 1 today. His passion for the sport and incredible driving abilities have delighted audiences worldwide.

Although Verstappen has not yet definitively decided whether he will retire early, he is aware that it will be a difficult decision for him. 26-year-old has admitted that he loves challenges and adrenaline-filled driving, but he is also considering life outside of racing and the opportunities that await him beyond the sport.

Fans hope that he will continue to race and provide them with thrills on the track. His decision will have a huge impact on the future of Formula 1, as Verstappen has become synonymous with excitement and high performance in the sport. Whether he chooses to retire early or continue to dominate the tracks for years to come remains to be seen. Regardless of his decision, Max Verstappen will always be remembered as one of the best drivers of his generation.

On the other hand, Fernando Alonso is a driver who, despite being 42 years old, still competes in Formula 1 as part of the Aston Martin team. Alonso is one of the most experienced and talented drivers in the history of the sport. Although he had left Formula 1 at one point, he decided to return, demonstrating that his passion for racing remains strong.

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His desire for adrenaline and love for Formula 1 are huge. Alonso is known for his endurance, determination, and incredible ability to get the most out of every car he drives. His return to the sport has been an inspiration to many, showing that age is no barrier when passion is present.

Alonso enjoys the challenges that each race brings and drives with the same passion as he did at the start of his career. 

In an interview with the media, Alonso commented on Max's decision, admitting that he had also thought similarly when he was Max's age. After extending his contract with McLaren, the Spaniard was certain that it would be his last contract. However, when you make such a decision and continue life away from the F1 tracks, the hunger and desire for success awaken within you. Alonso knew he had to return, as he still had much to show to the fans and the public.

“That’s what I was thinking when I was at Max’s age.

I remember it was back in 2007, I signed a contract with McLaren for three years after being World Champion with Renault and I was 200 per cent sure that it was my last contract.

I thought that it was my last season in 2018 and I said ‘bye bye’ to F1, thinking that it was enough for my career.

I found, even when I decided to stop, I couldn’t.”- Alonso said, as quoted by Crash.

Although his desire to be part of this sport for years to come is strong, Alonso is aware that at some point he will have to say goodbye to F1. His body won't be able to withstand the demands required, and it's likely that his passion and drive may also diminish. He is still unsure when he might make this decision, considering that he is in a privileged position.

“I know that it will soon arrive again,” Alonso said.

“The moment that I will 100 per cent say ‘bye bye’ to F1 and I don’t know exactly what I will do.

It’s something strange because we are privileged people, only 20 in the world driving Formula 1 cars.“

Fernando Alonso and his future

However, he also recognizes the personal sacrifices involved, as the demands of the sport take away from other aspects of life that bring happiness. To balance this, he plans to make some adjustments, such as having his family attend more races, to mitigate the downsides of his career.

Fans would love to see Alonso in Formula 1 for a long time. Many enjoy his driving and consider him one of the most exciting drivers on the track. Throughout his career, Alonso has gained loyal followers who appreciate his passion, skill, and diligence.

On the other hand, some believe Alonso should retire from the sport and give young drivers a chance. They think younger generations could bring freshness and new energy to the sport.

However, Alonso does not focus on the negative comments that have followed him since the beginning of his career. He has always been focused on his goal and continued to fight on the track despite criticism. 

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