George Russell Predicts Stronger Red Bull Showings in European Races

"I think Red Bull have struggled a little bit the last couple of races, yet they've still won two of the last three."

by Sead Dedovic
George Russell Predicts Stronger Red Bull Showings in European Races
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It is difficult to set concrete expectations for Red Bull, given that their performances this season have been unpredictable. Although they have dominated most races, some races have shown the team's weaknesses. Ferrari and McLaren have managed to exploit some of the flaws in Red Bull's car, but the last race in Canada suggests that things might be identical to last season. 

George Russell, the Mercedes driver who secured a podium in the last race, commented on Red Bull's recent performances, expecting them to establish dominance in Spain. Russell stresses that the Austrian team is capable of doing much better on European tracks. Additionally, Russell is happy with the progress his team has made, believing that they have the capacity to compete with McLaren. Mercedes is far from the form we are used to seeing them in, but their only option is to fight with these two teams until the end of the season.

"I think Red Bull have struggled a little bit the last couple of races, yet they've still won two of the last three. So I expect them to probably take a small step when we go back to the European races on more conventional circuits.

But I really think our performance step is true and it's real. And I think we can be in this fight with McLaren. Let's hope we can continue being in the fight with Max. And let's see with Ferrari, they obviously had a bit of an off weekend."- he said, as quoted by f1technical.

The Briton is interested to see how Red Bull will perform in the upcoming races, given that they have struggled recently. Barcelona could reveal the strengths or weaknesses of this team. Russell, however, seems to expect a positive performance from Red Bull there.

"You know, I think Red Bull have had, you know… It's no secret they've struggled a bit with their car these last three races. So I think we need to see how their performance turns out in Barcelona, which is a little bit more of a conventional circuit."- he continued.

The Canadian GP showed that Mercedes is not a team we can ever count out, given that they had the necessary pace. Surprisingly, Russell demonstrated top qualities and impressed many. Of course, Russell is a skilled driver, but his car had been uncompetitive in previous races.

Russell explained that the increase in pace they experienced over the weekend wasn't surprising to the team. He mentioned that all the data from the factory indicated that the upgrades would result in a significant performance boost. He believes Barcelona will be an interesting race for everyone but is confident that Mercedes will be competitive.

The Briton put an accent on the race with Lewis Hamilton in the final parts of the race, where Russell still managed to secure a podium. He knew that his teammate was across from him, a man with immense experience and quality, but he was determined to dash Lewis Hamilton's dreams.

Russell described the seven-time world champion as "fair" and "one of the greatest."

Lewis Hamilton
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Mercedes driver explained that in those last three laps, he was extremely focused on getting back on the podium because he felt he had let the team down a bit by losing sight of Max Verstappen and making a few mistakes that put him in that position in the first place. He emphasized that racing with Lewis is always hard but fair, and when you're competing with one of the greats, you know you can trust them. Russell found it great to see such a competitive yet respectful battle at the end.

Lewis Hamilton on the Canadian GP

Lewis Hamilton, the man who will be defending Ferrari's colors next season, finished fourth in this race, losing the podium to his teammate Russell. After the race, Lewis Hamilton highlighted that he does not feel a huge difference between qualifying and the race.

Over the weekend, Hamilton admitted that his performance was really poor. He acknowledged that while some other factors came into play yesterday, the issues were mostly due to his own performance. This great driver described today's race as one of the worst he had driven, marked by lots of mistakes.

Hamilton doesn't want to foster pessimism regardless of what has happened, and he's grateful to the team considering he noticed many positive aspects regarding his car. Additionally, the Briton is expecting upgrades that could potentially change things. Formula 1 is as exciting as ever this season. There are many names in the mix for top positions, and we will see if anyone can dethrone Verstappen.

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