Sergio Perez's Impressions After a Tough Race in Canada

Sergio Perez signed a new, two-year contract with Red Bull last week.

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez's Impressions After a Tough Race in Canada
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There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the future of Sergio Perez, and whether the Mexican will remain part of Red Bull or seek a new engagement. The excellent Red Bull driver had somewhat poorer performances last season, at least not up to what the leaders expected. Fans have mixed opinions, considering that second place in the overall standings is a great result. 

However, the team's leaders emphasized that they wanted to minimize the gap between their two drivers. The start of this season was promising for Perez, but the last few races have not gone ideally for him. The Mexican can be happy, though, as the leaders have decided to extend his contract.

Sergio Perez signed a new, two-year contract with Red Bull last week, which will keep him with the current constructors' champion until the end of 2026. The Mexican thus achieved his goal of staying with a team where he has the opportunity to fight for wins and podiums. 

It is not known whether the leaders have set any ultimatums for him or indicated what they expect from him. The most important thing for the Mexican is that he has the trust of the team's leaders, which certainly gives him enormous motivation for the rest of the season to achieve great results. Sergio Perez is determined to turn things in his favor, striving to be at the very top.

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Sergio Perez had a weekend to forget in Canada. For the second race in a row, he was eliminated in the first qualifying round and did not move up the ranks in the race. Everything culminated on lap 53 when he spun on the track and seriously damaged the rear wing, which was crushed. 

Perez somehow returned to the pits, which was a mistake, as he received a three-place penalty from the stewards for the Spanish Grand Prix because of that move. After a good start to the season, Perez is now only in fifth place in the drivers' championship, 87 points behind Max Verstappen.

That is not the kind of difference the leaders want to see, but Max Verstappen is such a dominant driver that it would be difficult for anyone to keep up with his pace and achieve identical results. The Dutchman is impressing this season, despite having a few 'critical' races. He is still the main contender for the podium and winning the championship.

Sergio Perez looked back on the race and pointed out how everything looked from his perspective. The 34-year-old believes that Pierre Gasly has never seen him.

“I drove with a lot of damage from the start of the race when I damaged the front wing. I assume that Pierre (Gasly) didn't see me at that moment; he just moved to the inside of the track, and I was there,” Perez said,.

“Unfortunately, because of that, I drove the first stint with a damaged car. Then we changed the wing and got some momentum, but later I had contact with Daniel (Ricciardo) in the same corner, which caused me to lose the front end again.”

Perez, who has achieved two second and two third places this season, believes he will improve his form in the upcoming races.

Sergio Perez: A very tough weekend, but we have a long season ahead of us

The Mexican made a few more mistakes during the race, which ultimately cost him a positive result. However, he expects more positive things in the future, hoping to return to the form he was in. The most important thing is that Perez is optimistic about the future. The Mexican has the potential for great things. At this moment, it is crucial to support him and believe in him. This is how the team's leaders can motivate Perez to be the driver they expect him to be.

“Then I made a mistake in turn six, ended up on the wet part of the track, and once you do that, it's over for you. Unfortunately, that happened to me. A very tough weekend, but we have a long season ahead of us. We will return to our earlier form.

Yes, I lost momentum in the season, but I am very optimistic. I will work hard to get back in form.”- Perez concluded.

The remainder of the season will be interesting for Perez, who intends to turn things around. His teammate, Max Verstappen, is ready to continue at the same pace, aiming to win another championship. His competition includes Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc. We will see if the Dutchman can further distance himself from them. It is certain that this duo will not watch silently, and that they will try to catch Verstappen.

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