Charles Leclerc Expresses Disappointment After Canadian Grand Prix

"Honestly, there's not much more to say apart from the engine issue cost us everything."

by Sead Dedovic
Charles Leclerc Expresses Disappointment After Canadian Grand Prix
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The expectations were high for Ferrari and their drivers considering their brilliant performances in the previous weeks. However, the race in Canada didn't turn out to be ideal for them. The start of the race immediately proved challenging for the team, given Leclerc's engine issue. After that, a crash occurred, followed by the appearance of the Safety Car. Leclerc used this opportunity to make a pit stop where the engine was reset. Ultimately, the Monegasque had to retire, causing immense disappointment for everyone. Leclerc was visibly disappointed after the race, stating that it's hard to talk about impressions right after. The situation is simple: Engine issues ruined much for him and his team, and Leclerc couldn't do much in those moments.

"Honestly, there's not much more to say apart from the engine issue cost us everything. The bottom line today is that the engine issue is what compromised our race."- Charles Leclerc said, as quoted by

The Monegasque driver disclosed that after a few laps, he opted to switch to slick tires, fully aware that he was losing time compared to others. This was also the only chance for the Ferrari team to alter the course of the race and try to secure a few points. However, even this strategy didn't prove to be the best option for them.

"Then at one point we decided we tried to go on the slicks. We were losing substantial lap time compared to the other cars, so we tried to go on slicks, knowing that it was our only chance to try to finish in the points."- he continued.

Leclerc admitted that he does not regret such a decision, aware that they had no other option. The Monegasque wanted to take advantage of the momentum and try to change the course of the race. Ultimately, Ferrari failed to find a solution to such a problem.

"We knew there would be a greater chance it wouldn't work, but we had to try something. With the engine issues we had, we would have been out of the points anyway. That was it really, there was nothing to lose. I've got no regrets about that."- he said.

Charles Leclerc
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Leclerc reflected on the challenges he faced after the engine changes, expressing the difficulty of managing multiple adjustments simultaneously while still fighting significant time losses. He emphasized the importance of addressing the recurring engine issue, cautioning that it could pose a persistent challenge throughout the remainder of the season. 

Despite the setback, he advocated for a balanced response, urging against overreaction. Leclerc feels angry with the missed opportunity for valuable points, stressing the potential consequences for Ferrari in their ongoing competition with rivals. However, he maintained an interesting perspective, acknowledging the variability inherent in Formula 1 performance.

The Monegasque stresses that the car didn't deliver as expected, emphasizing the necessity to assess where the main issue arose. All teams this season are fighting with challenges, making it incredibly demanding until the end of the season. While Red Bull is currently leading the charge, it's evident that the Austrian team is encountering numerous obstacles, potentially easing the path for McLaren or Ferrari. It's difficult to predict whether these three teams can contend for the championship until the season's end or if eventually only one team will dominate thereafter. The key lies in identifying the problem and working on it.

"Yesterday we missed Q3 by three hundredths. We were definitely not feeling good with the car. We've got to work on that and try to understand what went wrong.

Today I wouldn't say the pace was bad. If you look at the first stint with a second and a half slower engine, I think we weren't that bad in corners. We were strong."- he said.

Carlos Sainz reacts to the last race

Carlos Sainz described the entire race as tense, stressing the challenge of pushing the limits. He admitted to making a critical error while attempting to overtake in the DRS zone, apologizing to the team and his teammate Alex for the incident. Sainz stressed that it was a forgettable race for the team, mentioning their struggles throughout the weekend with grip and car handling. Looking ahead, he highlighted the importance of analyzing their performance to prevent a recurrence of similar difficulties in the future, emphasizing the need to learn from the experience and move forward.

Such moments are a great opportunity to demonstrate how much potential one of the teams truly has to return to the winning ways and to show their brilliance. Ferrari is currently facing trials, but if they want to compete for the championship, it's clear that they will have to change some things.

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