Lewis Hamilton Reflects: Canadian GP Performance Marked as "One of the Worst"

Lewis Hamilton was self-critical despite his season result in Canada

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton Reflects: Canadian GP Performance Marked as "One of the Worst"
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Lewis Hamilton cannot be happy with his recent performances, aware that both his team and he himself can do much better. The Briton is not achieving his goals from race to race, which causes him immense frustration. Nevertheless, Hamilton never gives up, nor has giving up ever been an option for him. He has always believed that he can make progress and achieve the results his team desires.

Despite the setbacks, Hamilton remains determined and focused, constantly pushing himself and the team to improve.

Lewis Hamilton was self-critical despite his season result in Canada, believing he made too many mistakes during the race weekend even though Mercedes had an amazing car in all conditions. His teammate, George Russell, capitalized on this, securing pole position and a podium finish.

During free practice, Hamilton appeared to be the faster of the two Mercedes drivers, and they were close in qualifying until Q3, where Hamilton couldn’t match his Q2 time, resulting in a seventh-place start.

In the race, Hamilton got stuck behind the slower Alonso, and once he passed him, he could keep up with the leading drivers.

In the final stint, Hamilton was on hard tires, unlike Russell who was on mediums, which left him with no chance to defend against his teammate who also made several mistakes during the race.

After the race, Hamilton was asked if his mood had improved: “Not much different…”, said the seven-time Canadian GP winner.

“During the weekend, my performance was really bad. Yesterday some other factors came into play, but mostly it was me, and then today, one of the worst races I've driven... a lot of mistakes.”

Lewis Hamilton
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Hamilton highlighted that things could have been different if his performance in qualifying had been better, but he accepts the situation as it is. There is no room for pessimism and sorrow, as the next race is coming up soon, where he will have a chance to make things right.

Lewis is channeling his energy into preparation for the next race, determined to improve and achieve the results he knows he is capable of.

“Of course, if I had qualified better, I would have been in a much better position. So, it is what it is, I’ll go back to the drawing board.”- he continued.

Despite his dissatisfaction with his personal performance, Hamilton is encouraged by the improved Mercedes car, which received new parts in Monaco and Canada, including a new front wing for both drivers.

The Briton thanked everyone within the team who have been tremendous support for him and who have created a car with which Hamilton can compete with the top drivers. Lewis is particularly optimistic about the second half of the season, believing it will be a tough battle between him and his colleagues. He also expects to achieve better results.

“Thanks to everyone at the factory, [the F1 W15] is becoming a car we can fight with,” said Hamilton.

“That’s the real positive thing looking forward to the next part of the season. I know we have more improvements coming. So, it will be a close fight and if I get my head straight, I’ll have better results at some stage.”- he continued.

The biggest frustration with the Brit lies in the fact that he believes that the Mercedes car had the capacity to win this week. The experienced driver expected much more from himself, but his performance was far from positive.

“I think the car was capable of winning this weekend. That’s why it doesn’t feel great. But we’ll take the points and keep trying.

I could have driven better with fewer mistakes,” concluded Hamilton.

Toto Wolff reacts

When asked during a post-race chat with Sky Sports F1 if he believed a win could have been possible for Russell, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff explained that a victory was perhaps an ambitious or momentary hope.

Wolff elaborated that when George was on the hard tire and was catching up with impressive speed, there was a brief moment where they considered the possibility. However, he emphasized the importance of not being too greedy in their expectations.

In addition to stressing the brilliance shown in today’s race, Wolff mentioned that there were perhaps one or two mistakes that could have been avoided. However, he emphasized the importance of focusing on the positives. He highlighted that the car has taken a huge step forward with the introduction of new components, indicating that the team's growth efforts are heading in the right direction.

Wolff is a man who has high hopes for Russell and Hamilton, expecting even more from them.

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