Sergio Perez Apologizes to Team: I Let Them Down Today

The upcoming races will be crucial for Perez as he aims to rise higher in the standings

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez Apologizes to Team: I Let Them Down Today
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A few days after extending his contract, Sergio Perez did not impress F1 fans, as he retired from the race again after the previous race. The Mexican driver is now fourth in the standings. Despite his recent setbacks, Perez did not forget to apologize to the team, feeling that he had let them down. He expressed his determination to bounce back, emphasizing that he will not give up on his goals and is ready to achieve great results in the future.

Perez has gained the trust of the leaders of the Austrian team, Red Bull Racing, and he is eager to repay their confidence in him in the best possible way. His resilience and commitment to improvement have been clear throughout his career, and he remains focused on delivering top performances. Although the last race did not go as planned, Perez stresses that with hard work and perseverance, the outcomes can be very different moving forward.

The upcoming races will be crucial for Perez as he aims to rise higher in the standings and secure strong finishes. He knows that consistency and precision are key, and he is prepared to put in the effort required to meet his team's and fans' expectations. 

"I'm very sorry for my team, I let them down today. But we will come back no doubt. There’s a very long way to go," -Perez wrote on social media.

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Perez had contact with Pierre Gasly, which damaged the front wing of his car. This initial accident set the stage for additional problems. Shortly after, he lost control on a damp curb at turn six and crashed into the barriers, causing huge damage to his car, particularly the rear wing. Despite the difficulties, he managed to limp back to the pits for repairs.

Due to the incident, Perez received a three-place grid penalty for the next race. The penalty was imposed because he continued driving even though the car was not in a safe condition, which is a violation of the regulations. Perez admitted that he was at fault for the incident, explaining that he couldn't stop the car or use the brakes effectively due to the damage.

This penalty means that Perez will have a tougher starting position in the upcoming race, adding to the problem he faces. He stressed his mistake and the impact it had on his race and his team, expressing regret for the situation. However, he remains determined to learn from this experience and improve in future races.

"The incident was on me, I touched the wet part into turn six and I couldn’t stop the car, I couldn’t touch the brakes," Perez said.

The Mexican driver tries week after week to improve things but without success. Despite his best efforts, the results have been disappointing. The great thing is that his teammate, Verstappen, is performing greatly, consistently delivering amazing results that help maintain the team's overall standing.

Sergio Perez: We will regroup

Perez has identified some issues together with the team, which could be crucial for the upcoming races and an opportunity for progress. By working closely with the engineers and strategists, Perez is hopeful that they can iron out the problems that have been inhibiting his performance. He stresses that understanding and addressing these problems is a key step toward achieving better results.

Spain could be a good chance for them, and many believe that this track will be great for Red Bull. 

"It has been a very tough couple of weekends, we will regroup, keep our heads down and learn from the weekend. We identified a couple of issues after qualifying and they meant we would have qualified a lot higher.

Hopefully we can be back to our form in Spain and get back to the level we were at earlier in the season. I am confident in that, there are good tracks coming for us."

The team leaders are optimistic about Spain and what lies ahead. They believe that the improvements made in collaboration with Perez will start to show results. With a positive mindset and a clear strategy, they are confident that they can overcome the recent setbacks. The focus is not only on the close race but also on building momentum for the remainder of the season.

Christian Horner emphasized in a media interview that Perez must come back stronger in Barcelona, expressing relief that Ferrari also did not have an impressive performance. The intention of this team has always been for both drivers to do what is necessary, not just one of them. Horner expects changes in the upcoming races. The aim is to distance themselves as much as possible from their main rivals.

Sergio Perez