Lando Norris: The Ferraris seem definitely a little bit ahead

The young Briton finds it difficult to draw conclusions about what his team is capable of at this moment.

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris: The Ferraris seem definitely a little bit ahead
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Lando Norris is someone with high expectations this season, especially considering McLaren's progress. While Red Bull was expected to lead the charge, the emergence of McLaren and Ferrari has caused concern among Red Bull's leadership, as both teams are contenders for the top spot. Red Bull is experiencing a slight decline, which these two teams, especially Ferrari, are taking advantage of. 

Lando Norris reflected on the practice sessions for the Canadian GP in a media interview. The first session was excellent for him, where he found himself leading. The second session was somewhat worse for him. Norris commented on the weather conditions and his team's performance. This young driver isn't impressed with certain aspects, particularly highlighting the pace.

“Never enough, but we learned a good amount… Actually, not in the dry. We didn’t learn enough in the dry, to be honest,” Norris said, as quoted by Crash.

“We did the [fewest] laps, I think, out of everyone [in the dry]… Not the best thing with that, but in the wet a good amount, [we’re] in a reasonable place.“

The young Briton finds it difficult to draw conclusions about what his team is capable of at this moment, given that conditions are changing from day to day. Many teams in F1 are facing identical problems, unsure of how their performance will be from race to race. There's a lot of unpredictability at this moment.

“At the minute I think we seem a little bit off [the pace]. The Ferraris seem definitely a little bit ahead.

I don’t know where we are the minute, because the conditions are changing, so whether you do the first lap when the track’s the best, or the last lap when the track’s the best, it changes everything, but I have no idea.”- he concluded.

Team boss Andrea Stella shared his view about Canadian GP. He pointed out that both of today's sessions were affected by rain, which limited their ability to gather insights into tire behavior, car setup, or their competitive position. Despite these challenges, Stella believes they may have already got the most valuable information, as the weather conditions might remain consistent throughout the weekend. 

McLaren is aware of where they make their biggest mistakes and intends to change that situation in the upcoming period. Norris and Piastri have the potential for success, but it's crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of everything.

Thus, today's running was still valuable, offering something to the fans present. Stella emphasized the importance of staying focused, using the information gained today, and being prepared for what could be an eventful weekend ahead.

Oscar Piastri on Canadian GP

Oscar Piastri, another McLaren driver, is doing great things this season. Of course, he also struggles with consistency, just like everyone else, and he wants to find his rhythm in the upcoming period. The 23-year-old Australian stresses that it's difficult to predict what will happen but sees practice as an opportunity to learn some things. He particularly emphasizes the importance of understanding the track and its specific details. The young F1 driver intends to achieve a positive result, but there's a lot of unpredictability.

“I don’t know if ‘enough’ was the word I would use, but we learnt a couple of things, I guess,” Piastri said.

“Just tricky to know. 

Tracks been resurfaced so it was good to see what that’s like… still quite bumpy in a few places, but I think overall it’s preserved the character of the track well which is nice.

We looked alright on the inters, hard to know otherwise.”- Piastri said.

Oscar Piastri
Oscar Piastri© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Piastri believes that McLaren has historically performed well in challenging conditions like rain or mixed weather, which presents them with opportunities. However, now that they are competing at the front in regular conditions, there's more at stake for them compared to others. Nevertheless, Piastri remains confident that McLaren will maintain their speed regardless of the conditions.

McLaren's ambitions in Formula 1 extend beyond very participation; they aim for superiority and championship contention. McLaren seeks to reclaim their position at the forefront of Formula 1, setting their eyes on victories and championships.

Red Bull's dominance in Formula 1 has long been undeniable, but recent results indicate a potential shift in the F1 scene. While they've been at the top for some time, there's a palpable sense they could be beaten in the next races. This presents a huge opportunity for their rivals, who are motivated to take the moment and challenge Red Bull's reign.

With Red Bull experiencing a downturn in performance, teams like Ferrari and McLaren are now more determined than ever to maintain themselves and put an end to Red Bull's dominance.

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