Max Verstappen's Impressions After Disappointment in Canada

"It's not ideal, I would have liked to drive more laps."

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen's Impressions After Disappointment in Canada
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What some predicted would happen in Canada has turned into reality. Max Verstappen's performance was interrupted during the second practice session as his car could no longer function. After four laps, smoke appeared from his car, prompting him to pitstop, where he was signaled to leave the car. 

After the race, it was determined that the issue was related to the car's ERS. Verstappen explained what had happened during the race, expressing frustration with the situation. The 26-year-old hopes to identify the cause of the problem. Verstappen cannot be happy with such occurrences, considering he was hoping for a completely different outcome.

"Yeah unfortunately FP2 not many laps for me, there was a suspected electrical issue so they told me to box, and they're investigating now. I haven't been back in the garage yet, but I'm sure soon we'll figure out what it is," -Max Verstappen said, as quoted by Crash.

The Dutchman is aware that the situation is concerning and that he will not have an easy task ahead in the rest of the season. He emphasized that he did not expect such a turn of events. However, Verstappen stresses the importance of determining what happened and understanding how it will impact this weekend or the continuation of the season. Red Bull has started this season dominantly, but the last few races have raised concerns among the team's leaders.

"It's not ideal, I would have liked to drive more laps. Some other people had a few more laps on the fly, a few more laps now in the wet, so it's definitely not how I would have liked to get on in FP2. But I think it's more important to just figure out what actually happened, and what kind of implications that will have for this weekend or the rest of the year."- Verstappen continued.

Even before this race, experts, as well as drivers, commented on and predicted how Red Bull's performance might look. Many expressed concern about this team, believing that Red Bull would face significant challenges, primarily because this track is quite different from the previous ones, and Red Bull is known not to perform at its best on such tracks. Verstappen was aware of this but probably didn't expect things to unfold exactly like this.

Despite the negative events, Verstappen strives to remain optimistic, believing that things could change in the coming weeks. This team needs to work on their mistakes, striving to correct them. The intention is to stay in the title fight, but it will be quite challenging.

"We know that some tracks just really don't suit our car at the moment. Some tracks that are still upcoming won't really be that good for us, but then also some tracks will be better for us. We know... I think the positive thing out of this weekend is that it really highlighted out weakness, and that's what we have to work on."- Max Verstappen continued.

Helmut Marko: The fundamental problem is not the circuits

Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, emphasized in a media interview what the main problem is for the Austrian team. Marko points out that there is a huge difference between the simulator and the track. Things appear much easier on the simulator, while reality is different. Marko is a man with great ambitions and has every right to be frustrated with the current situation.

"The fundamental problem is not the circuits. It's that the correlation between the simulator and the track doesn't work. On the simulator, we drive over the kerbstones without any problems."- Helmut Marko said.

Helmut Marko
Helmut Marko© Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images Sport

Verstappen explained that the simulator can sometimes provide overly optimistic results, potentially leading to misconceptions about car setup.

He also mentioned that while they perform well on certain tracks, consistency is a challenge faced by many teams in the paddock. Despite this, he still views the simulator as a valuable tool overall.

The Dutchman reiterated what he has been saying: It's hard to expect good results on some tracks, while he anticipates great things from others. Few expected Red Bull to be in this rhythm after the first few races. However, the Austrian team is declining, and many changes will be necessary if they truly want to compete for the top spot. 

Ferrari will seize this situation, as will McLaren, aiming to reach the top as soon as possible. Fans, at least some, are tired of Red Bull's dominance and want to see new names at the top. We'll see if Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris truly have the potential to challenge Red Bull.

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