Charles Leclerc: Red Bull will do a step up. I hope that's not the case

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has highlighted that the race in Canada could pose challenges for Red Bull.

by Sead Dedovic
Charles Leclerc: Red Bull will do a step up. I hope that's not the case
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Red Bull has been experiencing a mild crisis since the beginning of the season, raising questions about whether the Austrian team will continue to decline or has the potential to return to the winner's path. The recent races have exposed some weaknesses in the Austrian team. F1 fans believe this is the ideal opportunity for Ferrari and McLaren to make a breakthrough and disrupt Red Bull's plans. 

This week's race in Canada could be another challenging one for Red Bull, but the upcoming race in Barcelona might showcase some of the team's strengths. 

Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc patiently await their chance, alongside Piastri and Sainz. However, the first pair are currently vying for the top spot, patiently waiting for an opportunity, hoping that Red Bull might show some weaknesses.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has highlighted that the race in Canada could pose challenges for Red Bull, considering kerb riding and bumps. He expects the Austrian team to demonstrate the necessary quality in the upcoming races, but he hopes it won't happen.

“We are about to have three races in a row, including this one (Canada), where kerb riding and bumps are important," Leclerc said, as quoted by Crash.

“Bumps are not so big here but kerb riding is a big thing. I think we will see a similar trend at this race but from Barcelona onwards, Red Bull will do a step up. I hope that's not the case."

Looking at the beginning of the season, especially the last few races, Ferrari has shown potential for championship contention. However, much can change in the upcoming races, so Leclerc and the leaders of this team urge caution. It won't be easy to compete with teams like Red Bull and McLaren. Ferrari is a team with tradition and history, and for them, nothing is impossible.

“We've done a good job when we look at the first part of our season considering we have been a step behind Red Bull. We are not that far, and we haven't lost many points, and that's the most important thing."- he continued.

The Monegasque driver's primary focus is on his team, hoping that new parts will arrive as soon as possible. This presents an opportunity to reduce the gap in races where Red Bull is expected to dominate. Leclerc's goal is to apply pressure on Red Bull and Verstappen, hoping that the pressure will pose a challenge for them.

Leclerc explained that in previous years, Ferrari lacked a competitive car that could secure victories. Specifically, he mentioned their struggles in qualifying, where they were not as strong as they needed to be despite being faster during races. However, he expressed optimism for the current season, believing that there is potential for improvement.

Leclerc has believed in this project from day one, hoping that they could be contenders for the championship. The leaders of the team have also grown weary of the same scenarios, realizing that they must make some changes. This presents an ideal opportunity for Ferrari to apply pressure on their competitors and make the necessary breakthrough.

He mentioned that the upcoming race might not play to Red Bull's strengths, which could create an opportunity for Ferrari. Leclerc anticipated a close competition with McLaren and Red Bull but emphasized the importance of maximizing their performance throughout the weekend. He indicated that with this approach, they aim to achieve better results compared to previous years.

F1 fans have grown tired of witnessing the same scenarios season after season, hoping that this season's narrative could be something different. Red Bull ended the previous season dominantly, much like how they started it. It seemed that the Austrian team would replicate this performance in the current season as well, but their rivals, Ferrari and McLaren, have emerged to challenge them.

Charles Leclerc on Fred Vasseur

Ferrari has great chemistry, and team principal Fred Vasseur is doing great things.

Frederic Vasseur
Frederic Vasseur© Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

Charles Leclerc is happy with Vasseur and his significance for the Italian team. Charles believes that Ferrari's team principal is a man with a clear vision, wanting Ferrari to become a team that instills fear in its opponents.

"I've thought since the first day he joined that he's got everything to bring back the team to where it belongs and that means to a world championship," Leclerc said.

"He's got such a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and how to achieve it. He doesn't lose time and that is definitely his strength and I think his vision is really good. We share it very often, on how he wants to achieve those targets."

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