Yuki Tsunoda Sends Intriguing Message to Sergio Perez After Contract Extension

"Even [though] it’s two years, you have to still perform."

by Sead Dedovic
Yuki Tsunoda Sends Intriguing Message to Sergio Perez After Contract Extension
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Yuki Tsunoda's future is always an interesting topic. The brilliant Japanese driver had hoped that after a successful stint at RB, he might earn a place in Red Bull. However, the news of Sergio Perez extending his contract with the Austrian team probably disappointed all those who had dreamed of being part of the team next season. 

Tsunoda is currently 10th in the championship, despite some not giving him a chance to achieve anything positive this season. 

In a media interview, the Japanese driver emphasized that he had known earlier that the Mexican would extend his contract with Red Bull. The 24-year-old F1 driver believes that the contract extension doesn't guarantee a secure place for Perez. He still has to prove himself if he truly wants to remain part of the team in the future. Tsunoda congratulated Perez but emphasized that he is focused on himself and his own goals.

“I knew it kind of before already. Even [though] it’s two years, you have to still perform. In this kind of environment, anything can
happen. Congrats to him, and other than that, just keep focusing on what I’m doing and proving myself."-
Tsunoda said, as quoted by  f1oversteer.com

Sergio Perez
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The 24-year-old driver has the trust of the team's leaders, which is most important for him. Having happy people around you, and a team that believes in you, is crucial. Tsunoda is happy that things are heading in the right direction, hoping that the future holds positive things for him.

Red Bull is a great team, which has been leading the way in the F1 scene for seasons. The leaders of this team have always thought about the future, which is why they have RB, their sister team, in F1. Tsunoda and Ricciardo are part of this team, but the Japanese driver stands out, especially this season, and many considered him the main candidate for a place in Red Bull next season.

“The team’s definitely happy with me, which all counts. Team’s happy, I’m happy. And hopefully we can have a formal discussion. But it’s definitely ongoing. And hopefully we can be in public in the same way, on the same page. Currently we’re having a good direction together."- Yuki Tsunoda continued.

Tsunoda highlights the importance of Red Bull in his life and career, stressing that ensuring alignment with the team is paramount. He acknowledges that Red Bull has played a key role in his achievements thus far and expresses gratitude for their support.

Tsunoda anticipates that Red Bull will continue to trust him in the future, hoping for a positive and strong relationship with them in the upcoming period. While it's not out of the question for Tsunoda to eventually join the main team, it's still premature to speculate about it at this stage.

"I would like to see more commitment from the contract. Obviously I'm already committed with Red Bull a lot and hopefully I can have a bit more commitment from them."

Tsunoda acknowledges that other teams are showing interest in him, and he has received options from them, which is a positive development for him. He sees this as an opportunity to increase his value, especially in the current competitive driver market. However, he emphasizes that his primary focus remains on Red Bull, as they have been integral to his success thus far, and he wants to ensure alignment with them moving forward.

Yuki Tsunoda's career

Tsunoda started his career as a 10-year-old in professional karting. Six years later, the Japanese became part of the Honda Formula Dream Project. He immediately made his debut in the F4 Japanese Championship, where he also claimed his first podium with a second-place finish. 

In 2018, Tsunoda joined the Red Bull junior team, along with the Honda program. 

In early 2020, Honda confirmed that Tsunoda would join Carlin to debut in the FIA Formula 2 Championship. The following year, in 2021, Tsunoda became part of AlphaTauri. Tsunoda didn't particularly impress in his first seasons, but it was clear he possessed enormous potential, which he confirmed this year.

The 24-year-old Tsunoda will certainly make a leap in his career, but it's still unclear whether this will happen next season or in seasons to come. The Japanese driver is truly an example of someone who has shown patience, as well as a desire and determination for success. His performances attract enormous attention, and many wonder if the Austrian team is considering Tsunoda for the future. His future will definitely be intriguing.

It's essential for him to maintain the pace he started with at the beginning of the season and finish the season in the right style.

Sergio Perez