Ferrari Boss Fred Vasseur Exposes Who Leaked Lewis Hamilton Signing

Hamilton's departure from Mercedes caused a large number of reactions

by Sead Dedovic
Ferrari Boss Fred Vasseur Exposes Who Leaked Lewis Hamilton Signing
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At the beginning of February this year, it was confirmed that Lewis Hamilton would be leaving Mercedes, with his next destination being Ferrari. The British driver will be changing teams after 11 years, following his significant successes with the German team. Many were surprised when this news was confirmed a few months ago. 

However, the fact that Ferrari made the announcement was the final confirmation that Hamilton is indeed leaving Mercedes. What's interesting is that Hamilton had already informed Toto Wolff during the winter that he would be joining Ferrari. Fans of the sport were shocked by the fact that the leaders of both teams, as well as Hamilton, managed to keep such news hidden for months.

Ferrari team principal, Frederic Vassuer, in a media interview, emphasized that there were no leaks within the team. He is pleased with the unity within Ferrari and believes that each individual within the team is giving their all. Vasseur is impressed by the individuals who knew but had to keep such a secret.

“We had no leaks. I think it was done by purpose by someone from the UK. I really appreciated that we are a small group, and we worked for months, and we are able to go until the end and had no leakage. It was a good one.”- Vasseur said, as quoted by F1 oversteer.

Lewis Hamilton's departure also means that Carlos Sainz will be leaving the team next season. The Spaniard is looking for a team where he can continue his career, and there's certainly no shortage of suitors. Sainz is an impressive driver who has shown many times in his career that he has the potential for great things. It's essential for him to carefully consider his decision and understand what's best for his future.

Frederic Vassuer on Lewis Hamilton's arrival

In a media interview, the Ferrari boss highlighted how important Hamilton will be to the team. The Briton has been the dominant figure in the F1 scene for years, and his arrival could certainly be a powerful boost for Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton has taken the Italian project seriously and intends to achieve great success with this team. 

Mercedes has failed to offer him what he needs for several seasons. 

Fred Vasseur
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Vasseur believes that it's difficult to overlook Hamilton from any aspect, considering he possesses a multitude of qualities. He emphasizes that a driver's success is measured in many aspects, not just one factor. For Ferrari, it's crucial that they managed to secure such a driver many months ago because they can now more easily formulate a plan, understand their goals, and based on analysis, prepare for the next season with Hamilton.

"The input of Lewis or another driver is not just about qualification lap time and so on," -Vasseur said.

"It's the finality of the job. What we all collectively can see Saturday or Sunday, at the end of the day, the job of the driver is much wider.

It's starting sometimes six or eight months before the season, to be able to work on the next project, to bring his own experience, his own view on what we can do, or how we could do it and so on and so on."

Frederic Vassuer is optimistic

Vasseur stresses that his team is heading in the right direction. Charles Leclerc is currently second in the driver standings, trailing Verstappen by 31 points. The Monegasque driver has been impressive this season and could be in contention for the championship until the very end. The next season will bring even more exciting stories for Ferrari, with Lewis Hamilton as Charles Leclerc's teammate. It will be interesting to see how the two of them will function as a duo.

The arrival of such a driver perfectly reflects the ambitions of a team: winning the championship. Lewis Hamilton has managed to secure 7 championships in his career, and his intentions are to break that record. Currently, he is tied on the list with Michael Schumacher, with indications that he could surpass that record. Time is running out for the Briton to achieve his goal, and this could also be his last chance to do so.

"It's a huge opportunity for the team for sure," Vasseur said.

"We are sure that he will bring us a decent step for the future and it will be a good challenge for everybody."

Vasseur had previously collaborated with Lewis Hamilton, and that surely was an important factor in attracting Hamilton to join Ferrari. We'll see if there will be chemistry between them and if Ferrari can indeed become a team that finds itself on the podium as winners once again.

"We have had a good relationship for more than 20 years now," Vasseur said.

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