David Croft Reveals Disagreement Between Christian Horner and Helmut Marko on Driver

"I think if you’re Helmut Marko, you would dearly love to bring Liam Lawson into RB."

by Sead Dedovic
David Croft Reveals Disagreement Between Christian Horner and Helmut Marko on Driver
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Red Bull officially confirmed yesterday: Sergio Perez has extended his contract with the Austrian team for the next two years. The Mexican, whose future has been in question for the past two years, has earned the trust of Red Bull's leaders. The beginning of the season was promising for him, but in the last few races, Perez hasn't been particularly brilliant, which immediately sparked rumors that he would leave the team. 

When it comes to RB, the sister team of Red Bull, the question arises of who will stay next season. Currently, part of this team are Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda. While Ricciardo hasn't been particularly good, Tsunoda has fantastically started the season. David Croft, a well-known reporter, commented on Ricciardo's performances, highlighting that Marko would probably like to have Liam Lawson in RB.

“So, here’s the other thing. Daniel Ricciardo is he staying or is he going?

I think if you’re Helmut Marko, you would dearly love to bring Liam Lawson into RB.

Even if you’re being pushy, if you’re Dr Marko you’re going to want to bring him in because that’s the sole purpose of your job to bring these young drivers through and to show that there is this conveyor belt of great talent coming through the Red Bull stable."- Liam Lawson said, as quoted by F1oversteer.

Yuki Tsunoda
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Croft pointed out Daniel Ricciardo's value to Red Bull Racing beyond just his on-track performance, highlighting his marketability and past successes. He suggested that Christian Horner, the team principal, would likely prefer to keep Ricciardo and provide him with further opportunities within the team.

Recently, Ricciardo has been a shadow of the driver we once saw. It's probably challenging for him to adapt to this role, but no one doubts that Ricciardo has the potential for great things. Many factors can arise and prevent a driver from showing their best. Ricciardo is someone who can bounce back from anything and show the world that he is indeed a quality driver.

Croft then questioned the decision-making process regarding the number of available seats at Red Bull Racing. He speculated that if Helmut Marko remained involved with the team, the lineup might include Liam Lawson and Yuki Tsunoda, considering Marko's emphasis on promoting young talent. However, if Marko were to depart, Croft weighs whether the lineup would instead feature Lawson alongside Ricciardo, potentially leaving Tsunoda seeking opportunities elsewhere in Formula One.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko
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Considering Tsunoda's excellent form, there are several options for him, and it's hard to believe that the Japanese driver will have trouble finding a seat. Although it took him a while to show his potential, Tsunoda has been truly great this year, with impressive performances behind him. It's difficult to imagine Red Bull Racing parting ways with him easily, but in any case, Tsunoda will have several options.

Rumors are already circulating about where Tsunoda could continue his career. Some mention that he is on Audi's wish list, while others highlight that other teams, such as Haas, are interested in the Japanese driver. A huge number of departures could indeed trigger a domino effect, and the next season could offer something entirely different. It seems that the coming months will bring some surprises, which is certainly something F1 fans are looking forward to.

Andrew Benson on Yuki Tsunoda's future: Red Bull bosses don't appreciate him enough

BBC Sport journalist Andrew Benson, through his column, has commented on the future of Yuki Tsunoda, giving some predictions. Benson is an experienced name and someone who is well-versed in the F1 scene. Despite Tsunoda's amazing performances this season, Benson believes that regardless of everything, Red Bull's executives do not have him in their plans. This is one of the reasons why, as Benson says, the Japanese driver is looking for other options for the future.

The impression from the outside is that there is absolutely nothing [Yuki] Tsunoda can do to be considered for a seat at Red Bull – the bosses simply do not rate him highly enough.

This is why Tsunoda is looking outside Red Bull for job opportunities, even though he owes his seat in F1 to Honda, their engine partner."- Benson wrote.

Benson further discussed the options available to Tsunoda, indicating that he is unlikely to secure a seat at Aston Martin. He emphasizes that Tsunoda's potential options include Williams, Haas, and Alpine, with significant chances of him joining one of these three teams. It remains to be seen where Tsunoda envisions his future and which team will present the most concrete offer.

The Japanese driver desires a team with strong foundations, one that can compete for better results.

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