Esteban Ocon Leaving Alpine at Season's End: Interesting Reactions

"It's been a significant period of my life to be racing at this team in Formula 1.."- Ocon said.

by Sead Dedovic
Esteban Ocon Leaving Alpine at Season's End: Interesting Reactions
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Esteban Ocon and Alpine have announced that they will part ways at the end of the Formula 1 season. The 27-year-old Frenchman, after a controversial race in which he collided with teammate Pierre Gasly, incurred the anger of fans and team leaders. Instantly after the race, rumors surfaced that Alpine could immediately terminate Ocon's contract. However, they will part ways at the end of the season. 

This season has brought many surprises and new decisions, and this is the latest in the series. It is expected that several more interesting developments could occur. 

In a media interview, Ocon decided to speak honestly about his time with this team, considering it important. Ocon has been part of this team for five years, expanding his horizons, progressing as a driver, and achieving some positive results. Esteban has also developed as a person while representing this team.

"It's been a significant period of my life to be racing at this team in Formula 1.

While I've been here for five years as a full-time racing driver, my professional career started at Enstone back when I was a teenager, so it will always be a special place for me."- Esteban Ocon, as quoted by Motor Sport.

The young Frenchman emphasized that he had many beautiful memories in this team that he will never forget. Alpine can be said to be a place where he grew up, matured, and gained some of the experiences that will be crucial for him in his career. The 27-year-old has no intention of immediately revealing what he will do after the end of this season, but it is clear that he has some plans. Although they are parting ways at the end of the year, Ocon intends to give his best and help Alpine achieve its goals.

"We have had some great moments together, some tough moments as well, and I am certainly grateful to everyone at the team for these memorable times.

I will announce my plans very soon but, in the meantime, my full focus is on delivering on track for this team and having a successful remainder of the season."- Esteban Ocon continued.

Craig Slater reacts to Ocon's departure

Esteban Ocon has sparked numerous reactions in the world of F1, from experts, analysts, and fans. His departure probably didn't surprise many, especially after the last race where he was the main culprit for the collision with Gasly. Sky Sports F1 pundit, Craig Slater, pointed out that such an outcome could have been expected, regardless of the events in the last race. Slater stresses that the Frenchman has been in the team for a long time, and it was expected they would part ways at some point. Ocon is likely ready for new challenges, but the question remains whether he will remain part of F1 or intends to try his hand in other spheres of motorsport.

"I'm told that it (Ocon's exit) has nothing to do with that (Monaco GP collision). This would've happened, anyway. The advice I'm being given is the relationship between him and the team has come to a natural end. He had been there for 5 years, which is a long time in F1 terms," - Slater said.

Slater believes that the leaders of this team are considering a different direction, with new names and young drivers who could help Alpine in the future. The leaders of this team don't want to see their team languishing at the bottom of F1, aware that they need to make some moves that could help Alpine become a team that can compete with some of the best.

Slater highlighted the challenges that Ocon faces in his career. He mentioned that Ocon is partially managed by Toto Wolff, who holds considerable influence in Formula 1. If Wolff had intended to promote Ocon to a top seat, such as replacing Lewis Hamilton, it would likely have already occurred. Slater's comments suggest that Ocon may currently face limited opportunities for advancement in the sport.

Bruno Famin reacts to Ocon's departure

Bruno Famin, Alpine's team principal, has huge respect for Ocon. He reminisced about shared moments, with the most special being their victory in Hungary. Famin didn't forget to thank Esteban for everything he has contributed to the team. The fact is that the Frenchman flawlessly followed the team's orders, had immense desire and passion to help Alpine. 

Bruno Famin
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Sometimes, in his tremendous eagerness, he may have lost his way, but such a driver is desired by many teams. Famin emphasizes that they will continue to work hard, and Esteban can still be an important figure going forward. The Alpine Team principal wished the 27-year-old luck in his future career.

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