Max Verstappen Explains Why He Doesn't Expect Success in Canada

“We have to wait and see, new surface as well I think, that might also give us some surprises."

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen Explains Why He Doesn't Expect Success in Canada
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Some consider the Canadian GP could once again expose some of Red Bull's weaknesses. The team's leadership statements don't seem particularly optimistic. Nonetheless, Red Bull remains the leading team, with intentions to maintain that position going forward. 

Max Verstappen aims to change things around, especially after his recent races haven't been particularly successful for him. The 26-year-old Dutchman, in a media interview, discussed the upcoming race, emphasizing the importance of a good ride over the kerbs. He's aware that the race might hinge on this factor. Verstappen believes it's necessary to wait, as it's too early to draw conclusions about how things might unfold.

“We have to wait and see, new surface as well I think, that might also give us some surprises," Verstappen said, as quoted by Crash.

"But it is probably also not going to be our strongest weekend because of that. But probably a little bit better than [Monaco].

Any track that is bumpy or has kerbs, or you have to ride a lot of kerbs, so the street circuits will probably be a little bit tricky. But hopefully by then, we have a little bit of understanding of what is going on.”- he continued.

Christian Horner stresses that changes to the track surface could impact the outcome. The Red Bull team principal reflected on the past and the once-strong performances of Red Bull in Canada. His concern lies in the possibility that Ferrari and McLaren could once again show higher quality and end up on the podium as winners. For him, the most important thing is that they are the leading team in F1, but the question remains whether they can maintain consistency throughout the season.

"It's a track that we've performed well at previously. They've resurfaced the whole circuit again. So let's see," Horner said.

"But Ferrari, McLaren, they're quick. It was always going to happen that there was going to be convergence. This has been a tough weekend, but we're still leading both championships."

Horner, the man who is the protective face of this team, wants his team to learn from the mistakes that have arisen in the past few weeks. The new surface could change a lot, but we'll see if that's the case. Verstappen and Perez want this race to be the beginning of a new Red Bull domination.

"We'll look to take the lessons out of this weekend and apply them to the next one.

[Canada is] very much traction, but with a new surface you don't know what the balance is going to swing to."- Christian Horner continued.

Damon Hill shares his view

Damon Hill, a man who is well acquainted with the F1 scene, has commented on the race in Canada. The former F1 driver is excited about the current situation in F1 where some other teams are involved in the championship battle. It seems he's not a big fan of one team's dominance, expecting the competition to be much stronger and for other teams to become more competitive. Hill anticipates that Verstappen won't shine this time, given the issues. Additionally, Hill highlights the weather factor, which will further complicate things for the Dutchman. Hill has high expectations for McLaren, especially for Oscar Piastri, who is one of the greatest talents in F1.

“It’s getting more difficult that’s a good thing, it’s getting much more difficult!

I think Max [Verstappen] will be back, even with his curb-hopping issues.

Weather, obviously, discount that factor, it will be more difficult to win this for him. McLaren, let’s say Oscar [Piastri] is buoyed and has a little bit of an extra motivation having seen his teammate win one and he knew that he was on the front row at Imola and it’s a similar kind of track from demands of the car.

Let’s say Oscar can do it.”- Hill said.

Damon Hill
Damon Hill© Phil Inglis / Getty Images Sport

Damon Hill expects McLaren to make another big step, this time in Canada. What concerns him is the fact that McLaren might have a headache regarding strategy for both drivers who could potentially lead. However, these are just some of the options that could occur, and time will tell. 

Lando Norris was somewhat pessimistic ahead of this race, pointing out that his team has a weakness. It's hard to conclude whether Norris wants to alleviate pressure from the team or if a significant issue has indeed hit the team. It will be interesting to watch the race, with most eyes on Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren.

Verstappen wants to break the negative streak and prove that he's still the main figure in F1. The Dutchman aims to secure himself in the first position.

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