Helmut Marko on the Potential Main Issue for Red Bull in the Remainder of the Season

"If we change the (ride) height, we lose a lot of downforce."- he said, talking about the problems for his team.

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko on the Potential Main Issue for Red Bull in the Remainder of the Season
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Helmut Marko is one of the key figures of Red Bull, and his words play an important role in this team. Considering Red Bull's somewhat poorer performances lately, the question has arisen whether the Austrian team can change things in the future. The next race will be crucial for Red Bull to address certain issues and regain dominance. 

Helmut Marko has talked about changes, emphasizing that improving one aspect means losing out on another. He acknowledges that his team is limited at the moment, and their focus is on aerodynamic efficiency.

"If we change the (ride) height, we lose a lot of downforce. That's why we are limited in this area. We mainly focused on aerodynamic efficiency when designing our car."- Helmut Marko said, as quoted by grandprix.

Marko believes that his team will face challenges on some tracks while being dominant on others. However, he emphasizes that if they don't perform well on tracks where dominance is expected, it will pose a huge problem for them.

"However, we believe that we will still have the advantage on conventional tracks like Barcelona. If not, then we really do have a problem. We understand the problems, but we do not understand why they exist. Obviously this happened to us in Singapore 2023 as well."- Helmut Marko continued.

The leaders of Red Bull feel a dose of fear when it comes to the future, considering that another similar crash could create huge problems for everyone. Helmut Marko is happy that things ultimately turned out well, even though it could have been much worse. F1 is such that such situations arise from season to season, but the most important thing is that no one is injured.

“If there is another crash, not everything will be available for both cars.

It was another crash that Magnussen was involved in. You should watch the replays carefully. Thank god it ended well, but it was a critical situation.”

Helmut Marko
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Marko remarked on how quickly the stewards addressed the issue. He expressed that such decisions are hardly within their control, but the incident was indeed dangerous. Moving forward, they need to move past it despite the disappointment.

Although Montreal is faster than Monaco, it's still a bumpy track where drivers rely heavily on the kerbs. Marko acknowledges that this could pose another challenge for Red Bull. It will be a question of how the Austrian team will cope in such conditions. Their only hope is Max Verstappen, the driver from whom the best is always expected.

He explained they understand the issues they're facing, but they're puzzled about why these problems persist. Similar issues arose for them in Singapore in 2023. The hope is that they won't face the same fate again.

Helmut Marko revealed that they plan to approach Canada with a different basic setup, one that isn't as stiff as what they used in Monaco. This adjustment aims to avoid a repeat of the issues they faced, which practically hampered their entire first day of practice.

Helmut Marko on Sergio Perez's crash

Helmut Marko isn't happy with Sergio Perez's crash, which somewhat derailed the team's plans. Additionally, Red Bull faces a notable loss after such an accident, as they will likely lose approximately 3 million euros. Red Bull has interesting plans for the future, and Marko emphasizes that a package is already in the making with the intention of doing something special, as Ferrari and McLaren demonstrate how serious they are. 

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

The 81-year-old is aware of the threat posed by these two teams, who aim to show dominance over Red Bull. The Austrian team is cautious and aware that the rest of the season could be quite challenging, but they have no choice but to accept things as they are and try to improve some aspects of their performances. 

Helmut Marko is someone who has huge confidence in Max Verstappen, believing that even when things aren't ideal, Verstappen is someone who can turn things around completely. Having such a driver is every team's dream. 

Verstappen has shown in previous races that despite the limitations of the car, he can still extract the maximum performance. Although some have questioned whether Verstappen would be as good in a different car, it seems that the 26-year-old has shown everyone that he possesses driving qualities that few others do. Max could make a difference in the upcoming races.

Verstappen is focused on improving things in the remainder of the season, ready to win another championship. The most important thing for him is to have the support of Red Bull's leaders, which is certainly the first step towards achieving success.

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