Max Verstappen's Top Requirement for Red Bull's Future Revealed

“I am quite a loyal person and it is something that means a lot to me."

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen's Top Requirement for Red Bull's Future Revealed
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Max Verstappen attracts immense attention day by day, especially considering that the last few races haven't been ideal for him. Questions have immediately arisen about whether Red Bull can turn things around in the upcoming races. Verstappen's future is a topic of discussion daily, with much speculation about the 26-year-old potentially joining Mercedes. Now, that seems like an unrealistic option. 

Verstappen spoke to The Guardian about his future, emphasizing that loyalty is important to him. Of course, Verstappen also wants trust and security from the other side, and for them to provide him with a car that can compete with the best. It seems that, for now, his intentions are to finish his career at Red Bull. That would certainly be a big story in F1, as it's rare, especially for a driver who has won championships.

“I am quite a loyal person and it is something that means a lot to me.

That is what I request from the team and so far that has always been great and that is what I want to keep for a long time.

It would be amazing to finish my career here at Red Bull.

All the years staying basically at one team would be incredible.”- Max Verstappen said, as quoted by Crash.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull advisor, isn't happy with the rumors surfacing day by day. His desire is for Verstappen to remain part of the team until the end of his career, but that will be really difficult, considering the history of this sport and what we've witnessed. However, the statements from the Dutchman can bring joy to Marko and other team leaders. Max Verstappen emphasized that he's frustrated with the daily rumors that distract him. He's aware that such rumors will appear, but his primary focus is not to dwell on them and move forward. Verstappen wants to give his best and win another championship.

“I would rather not have these stories, these things going on within the team,” Verstappen said.

“We just have to deal with it and move on from it.

I am contracted to the team to do my job, that’s performance, that’s what I am focused on."

Helmut Marko
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In the last few races, the Dutchman hasn't been particularly great, but his primary goal is to improve in the rest of the season. Verstappen emphasizes that he's not someone who wants to push politics or potentially deceive fans. His intentions are truly for Red Bull to be on the top. There will always be negative people, but his primary focus is not to focus on various headlines and criticisms because no matter how good they are, Verstappen is aware that criticism will always be there.

He explained that for him, Formula 1 has never felt like just a job. It all began as a hobby, a passion that naturally evolved into a full-time profession.

Verstappen's true love lies in the act of driving, the thrill of pushing a high-performance car to its limits. However, he recognizes that it's the other aspects surrounding the sport, rather than the driving itself, that sometimes make it feel more like work.

Verstappen discussed the option of moving to McLaren considering the pace they have. The Dutchman has been part of F1 for years and understands how things work. He believes that Red Bull still has a fast car, even considering they might have the fastest car. 

Max Verstappen: I think we still have a very, very fast car

Despite the recent criticism directed at the Austrian team, especially after their dominance last season, it's funny how quickly some are to write them off. While it's true that the last few races haven't been great, it's absurd to discount a team leading the championship and claim they have no chance of winning. There are still plenty of races left where a lot can change.

“Well, it doesn’t work that way. I think we still have a very, very fast car. And if you look at the average of the season so far, I think we have the fastest car. Otherwise you don’t lead the championship.”- Verstappen said.

Verstappen elaborated on the team's dedication to progress, stressing their focus on exploring potential upgrades and investments. As the championship leader, he emphasized the important investments made in engine development and expressed satisfaction with their current direction. He reiterated the importance of continuous effort and striving to improve their overall package, underlining that this is his primary focus at the moment.

The Dutchman is clearly optimistic about the future of this team, believing they have good chances for success. Otherwise, it would be hard to expect such statements from the 26-year-old if the situation were different.

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