Helmut Marko Speaks Out on Candidates for RB Promotion

Although Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda are currently part of this team, the question arises whether they will remain in such positions in the coming seasons

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko Speaks Out on Candidates for RB Promotion
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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has serious plans for the future of this team. The current season is not particularly ideal for Helmut Marko and others within Red Bull. Although Red Bull is leading, the last few races do not give optimism that the Austrian team can win the championship convincingly. The question arises whether they will succeed in winning the championship this year at all. 

Marko is already considering options for the next season, considering Sergio Perez's uncertain fate. 

The Red Bull advisor is also contemplating the future of the Red Bull sister team, RB, considering options for 2025. Although Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda are currently part of this team, the question arises whether they will remain in such positions in the coming seasons. There are many talented drivers waiting for their chance, and these two amazing drivers should be cautious.

Marko spoke to the media about RB's options for the future, highlighting an interesting name; Ayumu Iwasa. The young Honda driver is doing great things, and the question arises whether he can play an important role in the Austrian team in the future. 

Helmut Marko highlighted that both Tsunoda and Iwasa are great drivers, and he looks forward to seeing how their careers unfold. With Tsunoda's impressive performance this season, there's a strong possibility he could earn a spot in the main team.

"It's a luxury problem. We have another Honda driver besides Tsunoda who is finishing good races and that is Ayumu Iwasa.

He has not won a race yet this year (in the Japanese Super Formula category) because he had two bad starts, but he is still third in the championship. 

Tsunoda and Iwasa are two Japanese drivers who have long-term contracts with us, so we'll have to see how that continues in the long run."-Marko said, as reported by racingnews365.

Yuki Tsunoda and Helmut Marko
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When discussing Ayumu Iwasa's potential path to qualifying for a drive in F1, Marko explained that winning the Super Formula championship would be crucial. He pointed out that they need to observe how Iwasa performs in the championship first. While stressing that Iwasa's initial race was not impressive, Marko mentioned that the young driver showed huge improvement in the second race and emerged as the standout performer.

Ayumu Iwasa may not be a familiar name to many. The Japanese was born in September 2001 in Osaka. He began his professional career in 2017 and is currently part of Formula 2. Japan started his career as a child at 14, winning the 2014 Suzuka Karting Championship Yamaha-SS Class. The young Japanese had many excellent performances in Asia, and his talent was immediately noticeable. During his appearances in Formula Two, Iwasa impressed everyone, securing podium finishes in Hungary and the Netherlands. There is much talk about him potentially becoming a Red Bull driver.

Isaac Hadjar

Another interesting name is Isaac Hadjar, a 19-year-old driver for Red Bull, who is currently part of F2. The 19-year-old driver is doing great things in F2, which 81-year-old Marko has noticed. Alongside him, there is also Josep Maria Marti. Marko highlighted that Hadjar had some issues in the early races, but he believes in his qualities, considering he is second in the championship, showing good signs that he can win F2. The consistency of the 19-year-old is what particularly impresses him.

“We have Isack Hadjar who is doing very well in Formula 2 and also Josep Maria Marti, although he is still making too many mistakes. 

With Hadjar, you have to remember that he was spun around in the first race and he has also had technical problems twice, while driving in a winning position. 

He's still second in the championship, so he's definitely one of the fastest and most consistent guys."- he concluded.

Red Bull's future

It's clear that Red Bull is working on every aspect and intends to progress in the future. This fantastic team doesn't want to leave anything to chance, aware that having young drivers with the potential to join the main team in the future is crucial. Red Bull has scouts all over the world, carefully monitoring the situation in the motorsport scene, ready to make various moves.

Marko's primary focus is on this season. Looking at the recent races, the experienced figure in the F1 scene cannot be pleased. Max Verstappen is the main name of this team, but the problems he faces week after week do not give optimism that Red Bull can achieve positive results. However, the Dutchman is still leading, which is certainly important ahead of the next part of the season.

Ferrari and McLaren are quietly doing their job, ready to dethrone the Austrian team.

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